Thursday, February 10, 2011

Animax Contest~Jya Jya Jya Jyan!!

Get a chance to win Ps3! Second price : PSP!

My reaction : OMFG!!ZOMG!! HOLY....'s a contest organized by Animax....

Watch Nuraihyon No Mago and take note of the 3 black/white tiles that will appear on screen before Nuraihyon no Mago, in the middle (advertisements) of Nuraihyon no Mago and after the credits of Nuraihyon no Mago. That was pretty easy. >.o

I haven't watched that show, might as well watch it and win something XD

When I was ecstatic about the first episode.....

Me : Yay! Japonski audio! But, shit Malay subtitles..OTL You never fail to impress me, Animax. I wish its in English so I can fully enjoy the show T^T. At least, the subs are quite accurate this time, well, better than the subs in Yakitate Japan! :

Azuma : Matte! (Wait!)
Malay subs : Kawachi!


Oh yeah, T-kun's going to Taiwan tomorrow. Haha, in his blog post, he says that he wants to eat ebi (prawns) at Taiwan www haha so cute. Have a safe trip T-kun (^_^)/


  1. Oh that.... I saw that too.... Perhaps it's just me but that anime looks boring to me. Damn malay subs again? They did the same thing with Kuroshitsuji too! Why can't Animax put up english subs and Japanese audio like what they did on K-on S1 or FMA? Animax is starting to lose my respect... But at least I can still watch my favorite anime with a huge huge screen!

  2. When Nuraihyon no Mago was airing at japan..i didn't download it (gee, i wonder why :P)So I thought now's a good chance to watch it. But..OTL Malay subs T___T