Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

TAH PAIN! *Hides in a corner and draws circles* Of course, I'm celebrating it alone. Who'd wanna date an otaku like me? "=.=

Guess I'll just sit around the living room and watch Mythbusters or something. Funny thing is, I do think that Valentine's this year is much much more celebrated compared to previous years. Izzit me or has love bloomed all over? *cough* damn, single.

Friends around me have been saying "I want chocolates from XXX this year."

So who are you giving chocolates to this year? Are ya single?

To all the singles out there. Let's unite and find a boyfriend/girlfriend! *cough, what am I ranting here?*

Am I giving chocolates? Well, I wanna give 'imaginary chocolates' to ShounenT haha. During one of his namahousou, he said that he didn't received any chocolates last year, but this year, he did received some. Aww, I envy the people who actually handed him the chocolates. If I have the chance to give him....*nose bleeds and faints*

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