Tuesday, April 19, 2011

19/4 ニコラジ NicoRaji - Shounen T, Rumarjun

As stated, today, Shounen T and Rumdarjun will be appearing on NicoRaji! (Basically, Nico Radio)

Starts at Japan time 10pm. *q* Can't wait :D

For peeps who are unable to catch it tonight, press the yellow button that says タイムシフト予约

There'll be a pop up thingy and says that you've made a reservation. When you want to watch the nama, just head over to the 'my page' thing. Access it via this button on ur profile page..

then you'll be brought to this page.

Just click the red box I've highlighted and you can enjoy the nama again :D

*doki doki* I wonder whether the both of them will show their face or not ..>///<

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