Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reigan Rants+NicoRaji 19/4

I'm still living as a NEET..well, for now. Going to further my studies in KL soon, probably. But that'll be months ahead.

Oh yeah. I haven't announced it in my blog. My laptop's name is Reitop!

*Insert firecrackers SFX*

So far so good. No serious problems and it's running fine :D

Anybody watched yesterday's NicoRaji? I had fun even with my half-assed Japanese lol. T-kun and Rumdarjun appeared quite late because T-kun was late to the studio D< T-kun! Said he had problems while taking subways (with my lousy Japanese, I can only understand 30% of it ^_^;) Well, most importantly, They did show their face! *Squeals* T-kun looks as cute as ever! I'm a hard-core T-kun fan :D

They played the Animal Championship game~Animal Championship is kinda like a game where they display a picture related to animals and make funny comments about it. Well, Rumdarjun and T-kun weren't really able to produce such funny comments, so in the end Foo-san won lol, and twice in a row! Omedetou Foo-san!

The first picture was a actually a cat staring at several mice. Foo-san won with his comment.He commented using Kansai(not too sure about it) dialect:

What are you looking at? We're students from the same year (同级生)

The 2nd picture was about a monk walking side by side with a tiger. Again Foo-san won with:

Bubu, this baldy is so out of fashion(ださい, I don't really know how to translate

Well during the third picture, I really don't understand what they're saying lol. Gomenasai m(_ _)m

They did show clips of Rumdarjun singing Kimi no Taion and Shounen T singing From Y to Y (feat ZimuinG) when they were performing at Nico Nico Daikaigi. T-kun's voice is sooooo soothing and nice to hear @.@

The most memorable conversation was how manly T-kun was haha!

Rumdarjun: It was a very cold winter day and he met up with T-kun. It was very cold and T-kun suddenly took off his jacket and gave it to me and asked me to wear it. It was a really cold day and T-kun said it's hot.

I never knew T-kun was tat manly haha. No wonder he said he's an S...

Well that's it for now, gotta catch dinner :D

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