Monday, April 4, 2011

The Season of Spring!

Though there's no spring in my place :P anybody enjoying Spring animes atm? I can't wait for Ao no Exorcist to air, I'm a big fan of it >///<

Anybody visiting Japan for Hanami? I guess not with all the nuclear radiation stuff going on..too bad..Well as for me, I actually saw Sakura when I visited Shanghai's Botanical Garden. The garden was huuuuuuuge. There were quite a lot of Sakura trees but only 2 of them blossomed. It was towards the end of Febuary so it really wasn't the right time to go..I went too early..*sigh*

I've been craving for good animes lately. With that being said, I seriously find Nijichou weird and wacky, well, in a good way (pehe >.o) Can't wait to see how this anime will turn out.

Dog Days...This show..makes me sleepy. I almost slept halfway watching this show. At first I was excited 'cause there's Miyano Mamoru, Yui Horie and Takehito Koyasu in it. This show was such a disappointment. I'm still contemplating whether to continue watching this show or not. Guess it all depends on the 2nd episode then~

Ao no Exorcist....

I'm waiting <3

\I Love You Okumura Rin!/
\( ゚∀゚)/

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