Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Utaite - Hanycham はにちゃむ★

Hi! After a long break (cough, sorry) I'm gonna write about Utaite Hanycham はにちゃむ★ Hanycham has a very nice soothing, deep, kinda husky voice and she's able to hit high notes without breaking a sweat.

Actually, many people thought that she was a HE, well, that applies to me too. I really thought that Hanycham was a guy. But then again, after visiting her blog, her Community, her NamaHousou (Nico Nico Live), I realized that, it's really a she..LOL. To put it simple, she's kinda like Paku Romi that can sing really well. She is a very talented singer and the songs she sang has a Hanycham feel to it. (Sugoi yo, majide!)

If you have time, you might wanna listen to Hanycham's Namahousou, though some of her namahousou are 4 hours long! LOL. She sings very well even when she has a cold! Haha, it's true!

Anyway, proceed to her videos.

This Just Be Friends jazzy style is really suitable with her voice. I love this <3

Hanycham's Community : co45824
Twitter : @hanycham
Ameblo Blog :
Mylist : mylist/10810691



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