Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Kagamine Rin & Len

Happy Birthday Kagamine Rin & Len!

Yeaaaay! Happy Birthday to our Vocaloid twins Kagamine Rin & Len. They're celebrating their 4th birthday whereas Kagamine Rin & Len APPEND is celebrating their first birthday! Loads of new Kagamine works are being uploaded as we speak. And also, there's the Kagamine Rin & Len Overall Ranking 2011. Let's have a look at it shall we?

More videos and illustrations after the break!

And lets move on to the videos!

Mr. music, Len cover by Unit "Len Hairyuuchijyo" (comprises of 7 Vocaloid producers)

Crevice, written by Yamaji

Ookami Shounen no Saigo no Uso, music by Kiddo, lyrics by ZankyouP

You can find more songs using this tag

Lets move on to the Illustrations shall we? XD

You can find more illustrations on Pixiv using this tag.

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