Friday, December 30, 2011

Portuguese Settlement 2011

I went to Portuguese Settlement last week before Christmas to look at the decorations~! Its an annual thingy here at Melaka. When I went, it was raining  most of the houses didn't switch on the lights so I didn't really managed to see all the awesome decorations T^T, and it was a weekday too so not much visitors. I went there during one of the weekdays mainly to avoid the traffic jam. There's always traffic jams everywhere during festive seasons in Malacca. Sometimes I feel like its worse than KL lols. Anyway, I took a couple of photos. Enjoy!

The snowman leaned backwards D:

Not enough funds to decorate your house? Find sponsers! lols. Anyway, there were Aik Cheong and Julie signboards spotted at several houses lol

The Christmas 'tree' made using Julie's tin boxes

There was a jetty-like platform stretched out to the sea so I had a walk there. The lights lining up the jetty weren't switched on, thus I was able to take good photos XD

Turned my head back and took a photo of the hawker center in Portuguese Settlement.

Yeah, it was a cloudy night, it rained, then it stopped for awhile, then another rain came OTL

Well, that's all for now. This'll probably be my last post for the year. The next time I post I might be back at my uni again. (hhnnggghhh study taim OTL)

Happy New Year! Hope you'll have a great 2012 year.

I hope I can get more readers next year

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