Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vocaloid Christmas Songs 2011

I decided to post some of the awesome Vocaloid Christmas Songs this year! Enjoy! :D

Stocking Filler, written by EON, lyrics by nuru. Such a cute fluffy Christmas song XD Makes your heart go kyun. More after the break!

Merii To Nicorausu (Merry and Nicolaus) written by BuzzG. A touching song T^T Yes, I cried. that Jii-san's making Christmas presents for all the good kids out there /sniff.

miss you X'mas, written by umedy. Lately I've been stalking umedy-san too much lols.

Alrighty, gonna stop here, don't wanna flood my blog with too much videos ^_^;. Enjoy! and Merry Christmas to everyone! (I'll be spending my Christmas alone #foreveralone.jpg)

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