Friday, December 23, 2011

Dong Zhi Festival

Yesterday my family celebrated Dong Zhi Festival (冬至). Mom made glutinous rice balls or TangYuan in chinese (汤圆). There's red, green and white colours XD

Ever since I came back to my hometown, I guess I gained back my lost weight lols. I think it's a great thing? haha. As always, mom's cooking is the best! Ate a lot of good food XD. Well, my brother and my sister are back too and me & my sister had frequent S4 League matches lols. 

Well, year 2011 is coming to an end and I need to do a huge cleanup of my house. OTL

W-wish me luck.

Yumemigokochi, written by nio-P (one of my favourite Vocaloid Producers) and sung by the new V3 Vocaloid IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETS-

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  1. Glutinous rice balls are so delicious ;w;..
    spare me some please ;p