Saturday, January 7, 2012

R.A.G.E! Vs Anime Fiesta

I'm sure anyone who's in the ACG community knows about this already. Lots of skepticism and I wonder how many people actually believed Anime Fiesta will bring Hatsune Miku to Malaysia. I'm a huge follower of Vocaloid news myself and SEGA has already announced that this year's Miku no Hi Dai Kanshasai will be the last Hatsune Miku concert.

Well first things first,
R.A.G.E!'s Website :
Anime Fiesta's 'Website' :

Let's have a look at R.A.G.E!
R.A.G.E! stands for Radical Anime Games Expo and this event is organized by EMiNA Japanese Animation Club Melaka which is also the very committee who did GACC since year 2006. GACC had their last ACG event in year 2010 ( I still miss the good old GACC :P) and now they're back in 2012 as R.A.G.E! I have high hopes for this since the first ever ACG event that I went to was GACC and I've been going to GACC since it's 2nd year (year 2007). I'd recommend event goers to go for this event :D I'll try to go R! as well since I have a couple of friends going there too and since it's at Melaka anyway (my hometown lawls)

FYI, in year 2007, GACC actually invited seiyuu Touru Furuya and in year 2008, they invited seiyuu Masakazu Morita! Oh gawd, good times, good times.

Anime Fiesta....

Someone actually bought a domain and did this lols. A lot of trolling has been going on at their facebook event page here and here. And also, the organizer's twitter yeah, the guy with a half naked profile picture "=.= I won't say much about this because most already know the wutnotohmaigawd about this event.

Now read this!/ShinnoAkihiko/status/155098923252465664 I highly doubt it lol. And he wants to achieve 9000 attendees at the said facebook event page. Why bother? SEGA already announced their last Hatsune Miku concert. Plus, he says Crypton will be announcing the concert next week.

Oh well, I haven't been posting/commenting at their event page, just being a bystander witnessing all the happenings. We'll just have to wait and see what happens next week.

In the mean time, gawd I started my second semester and its tough I tell you. Why did I chose this course in the first place...orz

R.A.G.E! R.A.G.E!

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