Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sometimes, A Digital Camera Pawns A DSLR

Don't you agree with me?! Currently I'm using a Nikon Coolpix S600!

I bought it in the year it was released(2008). Thanks to dad who bought it for me ^w^. I actually gave it a name, Kyaamera! Since Japanese pronounces camera as kyamera, so I decided to put an extra 'A' in it and thus, Kyaamera! Kyaamera's been a good comrade ever since I had her, I love her so much. But lately, the paint on Kyaamera has started to fall off and Kyaamera looks kind of pitiful ;w; nuuuuuuuu

Moving on, let's enjoy some of the photos I took using Kyaamera. They're mostly food photos though :3 Can only do beautiful close-up shots lols. (I am no professional photographer and not planning to be one, so please hold back your flaming ;A;)

Taken when I was Form 5, playing a fool in the computer lab XD

Taken during one of the outings with my high school friends at Station 1 Cafe

Taken at Ajisen @Shanghai

Taken at a Korean restaurant (forgot the name) Bibimbap!

Taken at Secret Recipe, some fish dish with mash potatoes if my memory serves me right. They dished out 2 special sets to celebrate new years

A kind of plant/flower taken at Xin Jiang @China

My HMO Miku nendroid (sho cute ;w;)

I wanna put up more pictures but I don't wanna flood this post full of pictures haha.
These photos have never been photoshopped, I just simply added my watermark, nothing more :3


  1. :D compact camera sure kick ass if u know how to get the angles and such. Being portable, its just the best companion to bring along for random shooting ^^ just that sometimes certain extreme environment will need a DSLR to pull it off though.

    But haha! I got mine too. Name's "Princess". Won it in my ex college's Amazing Race XD
    since I got my DSLR, I havnt touch it quite sometime though :( but she sure needs rest too la. Coz battery's bit cacat d.

  2. Guess I'm not the only one who gives names to their cameras XD Compact cameras are really nifty and handy :3 That's why I'm still holding mine since 2008, still in topknot condition (except for the paint D:)

    joo have DSLR?! /hides in a corner and draws circles

  3. Nikon will always win regardless of type it your only friend in low light. Thus the low light king.


    1. Indeed! My Kyaamera works like a charm even in low light environment ヾ(*´∀`)ノ

  4. Depends on the camera on hand. My Lumix can't really take good pics without good lighting, and its really sensitive to hand-shakes

    1. Mine actually also quite sensitive to hand-shakes too when shooting in the night, I have to kejang there for about 1~3 seconds lols.

      I've used before Sony Cybershot (The first edition one) and Lumix. In the end, i still stick back to my Nikon lols. Not planning to change to a new camera soon since i love Kyaamera so much :D

  5. That's so nice ;x
    The pros of having digital camera is that you can actually videocam as well.
    Kinda efficient, does it ww?

  6. The yellow flower you took in 新疆 is 蒲公英。