Saturday, March 3, 2012

VOCALOID3 Lily β Sample

I know its a bit late for this but heck! The day before yesterday, Murakami Noburo-san, president of Internet Co. has uploaded a 1 minute sample of V3 Lily. Also, he added on twitter that there will be only 1 DB for Vocaloid3 Lily. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Murakami-san's tweet saying that Lily's box illustration is also completed. Lily's new illustration has a new pose and new facial expression, there are no changes to her costume though (I'm actually happy that they are not changing her costume XD)

Regarding the V3 Lily sample, I have to say this is amazing, Lily's voice is way much clearer now (With Gakupo going random at the background haha) Murakami-san said this is just the beta sample, Lily's voice might change again after some time, its still working in progress so yeah. 

Now just hope that niki will get V3 Lily. But frankly, I'm already satisfied with niki's Lily now. niki's Lily already sounds so powerful!


Murakami-san just uploaded another sample of V3 Lily. This time, Lily is singing in a higher pitch compared to the first sample. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Amazing! Lily san sounds more human-ish