Sunday, March 11, 2012

11th of March

11th of March. I'm sure most of you are well aware that today marks the first year ever since the 11th March earthquake that happened in Japan a year ago. It looks like Japan is still standing strong, overcoming a lot of difficulties. During that time, I was on a vacation at Shanghai, when I saw the news over the Internet I was shocked that an earthquake of such magnitude would hit Japan. And furthermore, the nuclear plant in Fukushima caused panic to the Japanese. A year has passed. Many people on twitter are mourning now, missing their loved ones and also hoping for a brighter future.

On this very day last year, I went to Shanghai's botanical garden and had my first sakura hanami (flower viewing) and also my first time seeing plum bossom (梅花) and they're very beautiful :)

Pretty Sakura flowers! Even though its not in season yet, but luckily there were 2 Sakura trees blossoming XD

Plum blossom. They're very beautiful too! And I think this is my best shot out out of all the plum blossom bud photos that I took ><

Le close up on flower. I love the pink ones !

I hope these pictures give you a warm and fuzzy feeling >_< Ganbare Nippon!


  1. Thank you for liking Japan.
    The voice of aid had reached Japan!
    紫水ココ(Shisui Coco)

    1. 紫水さんありがとうございます!去年ニュース見た時に本当にびっくりしました。( ; w ;) 時の流れは速いですね、もう一年ですね、あの時の私は日本の皆さんの安全を祈っていた。