Monday, April 30, 2012

Watergun Wars ver1

Yesterday my friends and I organized a small scale Watergun Wars and had plenty of fun! But before that, we had attended my dear friend mom's cooking session ^_^ It was awesome and the food was delicious XD

Here's the end result!

It was delicious! It has mushrooms and long beans in it. Kinda reminds me of my mom's home cooking ^_^

Well, after that we went for Avengers at Sunway Pyramid. I have to say, their witty conversations are quite entertaining, and my favourite is Ironman. Though since I was little I still prefer Batman though. I'd give it a 4 out of 5. The movie is good, but, it doesn't really leave a huge impression on me, well, at least compared to 2012 (the end of dah world!!) 

After the movie we went back and started preparing for the watergun event, filled up water balloons and carried buckets of waters to the badminton court. At around 6, the war starts! Though its only a few of us, but we definitely had plenty of fun in the midst of the hot weather. It felt cooling and refreshing to be splashed :D

The aftermath. I guess we didn't do a great job on the water balloons cause it bounced right off our bodies and bursts only when it hits the ground. Maybe we should've made it bigger?

After the event, we had Domino's for dinner. New York crust is love. And that beef pepperoni pizza *w*

After that we played UNO and Monopoly and other card games. Lucky me that I didn't lose much. I usually loose at card games .__. and after that, took a group photo!

Guess which one is me? :D My friend suggested that we take a photo which reverses our height positions (meaning, the tallest becomes shortest and vice versa). We had a loooong chat together until 3am, now that was something..

So, actually, I spent the whole day from 8am (I woke up at this time) and played around until 3am. It was exhausting >.> But still, I had plenty of fun and its been awhile since I played around this much. Friends asked for a second Watergun Wars ver2. Might be having another one on the last day of EDC class. Now that sounds like a plan! XD

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  1. Uno and Monopoly games..
    it must be fun to have friends ( ´◔౪◔` )
    i have to play Uno games with computer though ww

    what a nice day you had..
    i know which one is you |ω・)..

    ah are the sec--/gagged |ω・)..