Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wesak Day

Hello Hello! I'm back at Melaka for the weekends and I was able to catch the Wesak Day procession!! I did not join the walk though, just a spectator :3 Though my brother did join with his friends. They walked the whole night :O

Since I'm in a rush so I'll just post up some pictures :3

Pictures after the jump!

Its a huge horse *w* This horse marks the start of the parade.

More pictures after the break!

People who joined the walk, holding lotus flowers.

There were several band troops! I prefer this troop though cause they're costume looks pretty XD

Thanks to cars coming from Dataran Pahlawan, the parade had to stop so many times and let the cars pass through, kinda kills the excitement after you see a few parade decorations, then after that an array of cars...And we have to wait for about approximately 45minutes each break for the parade to resume. That sucked, they've should've diverted the traffic lol.

Though I didn't stay till the end though, I stood there for almost 4 hours, due to the cars keep passing by, eventually I went back :P But I didn't miss a lot though, when I left it was already entry 65, there were a total of 73.

I stood from 9pm to around 12am+, received plenty of sweets and rice that has been prayed (Something like to ensure your safety) Thank you for the sweets and the beautiful parade and thanks for your hardwork everyone, see you again after 10 years :)

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