Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nya~on! Finally a study break for me!

Yatta! One week study break for me! Its been forever since my last break, I do not have mid-sem breaks for my course, and even my sem breaks lasts only for about 2/3 weeks orz.

Will enjoy study hard for the week, I need some motivation :V

Last week had a meet up with MVP (Malaysia Vocaloid Party) members again :3 Was really fun hanging out with these cool people.

Dear friend brought along her Ace! Posed with my HMO Miku :3

Well, it has been an eventful day, we went for Dark Shadows movie. Frankly, I feel that Dark Shadows is better than Avengers. Please don't flame me. And I finally met Lero! :3

I guess I'll chill out during this weekend and watch some anime, play some kingdom hearts or read some manga or something XD Thank you oh so fast internet!

Will get to studying next week.


Been listening to this a lot lately.

Omega, written by ATOLS.