Friday, July 20, 2012

MVP Outing 2nd Batch

Malaysia Vocaloid Party (M.V.P) 2nd outing! This time, more veteran members came and my first time meeting founder of MVP! Boss Aki! Didn't took as much as photos as last time though X_X Chatted a lot with the members :)

This was Julie's cake if i'm not mistaken. Thanks to the maids of Tenshi for drawing a cute Miku :3

While waiting for the other members to arrive...look what Mun Mun is up too!

SHO CUTE OAO. If they were nendroids, I'd buy'em!!

Comrade JHan's Luka Cheer nendroid. My first time seeing up close. Gotta say Luka-nee-san looks cute with pom poms!

Tako luka combo with my Miku :3

When almost everyone arrive, we had an ice-breaking session. A few words from the admins of MVP, moving on to the veteran members and then the new members! This picture was taken when boss Aki made his speech.

Come to think of it, my speech was horrible >.> And I won't deny that I'm in a harem 8D the only female admin in MVP. AW YEAH /shot

Another table :) We kind of dominated Tenshi no Cafe ^_^; Lots of laughter. and noise

Sakura's collection of Kaito Puchi Nendroids! OAO

After most of the members went back, a few of us left Tenshi ( we got kicked out? lol they were preparing for the Summer Festival event). I guess this outing was quite important too, finally get to discuss about our AniManGaki plans and so forth, talk about some issues etc. Ah well~

Oh Oh, my first time eating at Tenshi..meaning I had to perform the omajinai (the charm).....Itadaki..Nyan..Nyan....gyaah, it was so embarassing orz. W-well luckily I was not the only one doing it lol!

Looks like my days as a student will get busier as AniManGaki approaches....Goodluck to everyone! (ACCA is such a tough course ;w;)

Tenshi also took photos for us :)

Click on the photo above to link to Tenshi's photo album on Facebook.

One last note. Reno (The butler at Tenshi no Cafe) wearing a yukata. I...died///


  1. I wanna go QAQ
    Damnit I'm so jelly!!

    1. *pats pats* There's always AniManGaki. You're coming right? ;w;