Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ohisashiburi desu.

こんちゃーす。Yello! It's been awhile eh? Life's been busy lately and quite eventful I should say. But first, I would like to say good job to Lee Chong Wei for fighting hard and earned yourself a silver medal. It's frustrating, but you did what you could. /virtual pats. On wednesday 15/8/2012, me and my friends decided to line up for Baskin Robins' free ice-cream!

Where I stood during lining up for free 1 scoop ice-cream from Baskin Robins. Started lining up at 7.30pm, got our ice-cream at 8.30pm. At around 9pm, the line was insanely long lol. Furthermore, Pyramid actually has 2 Baskin Robins, both lines are damn long.

This week, I went to Tenshi no Cafe again LOL. It's the 5th consecutive week going to Tenshi lols. A few times on business purposes! Business purposes! XD This time Reno-san (the butler on shift) drew a Kyubei on my Omurice! But, my Kyubei......eyes...melted thanks to the heat of the fried egg @.@

Reno's art.......w

My friend had Katsu Curry Rice. It's surprisingly delicious! I have to say the golden curry is love!

As they say, girls do have a separate stomach for desserts!

Ah also, a few weeks back, my cousin brought me to Taman Conought's pasar malan, my first time going there. The pasar is so long @.@ I passed by a few stalls selling stinky toufu. As a fan of it myself, I couldn't resist, and perhaps to compare it to China's authentic stinky toufu ww.

Turns out to be not good at all orz....First of all, the toufu is HARD and CRUNCHY. The ones I had in China are crispy at the outside, soft on the inside lol. And the chili sauce is not suited for stinky toufu at all lols

Oh by the way, lookie what I bought!

Electric Love Album, produced by Hachiouji-P (8#Prince). My very first Vocaloid Album! And it's only RM56.90! Many thanks to Sony Music Malaysia for bringing in this album!! On the day of the release, I ran to Sunway Pyramid's Speedy at night to buy the album. Turns out it was sold out orz..So I had to call up my friends from Malaysia Vocaloid Party to help seek out the album at other Speedy outlets. After a few searches, they managed to find it and secured one unit for me! ^_^ Many thanks!! Apparently each Speedy gets 2 units of this album only, so it's really really limited. After a rough count, approximately 8 people from M.V.P bought the album. Gonna put it on display at AniManGaki! Ngeheheheh.

I'd say it's worth to buy this CD! I mean, it's Hachiouji-P yo!! And the first Vocaloid album in Malaysia! There's two CDs inside, one's the soundtracks, the other's the DVD PV tracks!

Jeepers, it also comes with an illustration book!

Sakura Saku, drawn by Sime. My favourite illustration from this book X3


Sakura Saku (blossoming Sakuras)
The season where Sakura blooms is not a season of goodbyes,
But a sign of the start of a new world.


Alright, time to stop here. It's gonna get busy since AniManGaki is getting closer >_< But I will work hard, ganbarimasu!

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  1. *drools at your Electric Love album fufu*