Monday, September 17, 2012

Social Gathering Night

こんちゃーす!So, I haven't blogging lately either lol. Been rolling around here and there, going out with friends frequently these days :P

I attended a Social Gathering Night -Reliving Chilhood Memories- event organized by Sunway TES at Sunway University! Surprisingly, it's a free event, so hey, free food! Not to mention you get to stand a chance to win iPod Nano.

Initially I did not plan to go for this, since I'm not a person to go parties and stuff :/ But since the dress code is only pajamas so my friends said it was okay to just come in with t-shirt and shorts.

The day before the event, I was walking around with my dear friend, Bee Li to scout around Sunway Pyramid for some inspiration as to our attire for the event. As I walked through Daiso, my mind suddenly came up with Domo pajamas! I went straight to Asian Avenue to buy that Domo bag that I've always had my eyes on since.....last year? lol. It was on half price too, so I couldn't resist!

And so, I have my domo shirt/pants, bag, pouch! What's missing? Domo plush D: I walked around Pyramid to find those bigger domo plush, there are a few shops, but it costs like RM40 for one....I had already splurged money on the bag so I decided not to buy the plush...I'm also saving money for the Nyanko-sensei plush I've been aiming to buy from Hello, Planets shop.

I'll leave it to your imagination as to how I look, but here's a photo www

My t-shirt, bag and pouch www

Well, here's how the hall looked like with the lights on :) The committee had put up funny skits and singing to entertain the crowds!

And this was how the hall looked like when the main lights are out. It was pretty, so I couldn't resist a picture !

We played a 'Shoe Exchange Game' where all of the attendees were required to throw out their right shoe to the center of the hall, and then after that, we're required to pick up a random shoe. And then after that we need to find back the original owner of the shoe and also to find your own right shoe too. It's kind of an ice-breaking game, get to know everyone and all. Quite creative and fun XD I, too, met a guy through this game. And I have to say, he's quite...charming >///<

Here's another game, Love Tunnel. Well, I got disqualified at Round 2. Not funny yo D: 10 couples won RM20 vouchers. Can't remember what vouchers are those but it's something along those lines!

And when the whole event ended, here's to the DJ run. The whole hall suddenly became a club lols.

Before you ask, why yes, there was Oppai Gundam Style. No shit lol. though, I did danced with my friend to that song since...well, just for fun :/


  1. >mfw "Oppai Gundam"
    >I approve of this shit

  2. So like..
    who won the iPod nano?