Saturday, September 8, 2012

AniManGaki Day 2

こんちゃーす。Another late late late post. The final report for AniManGaki! www Let's start off with some pictures taken early in the morning (7am) before work starts XD

Gachapons by Anime House @Sun Comic.

TCG tournaments were held here conducted by Little Akiba.

Our Omatsuri section. Seems empty without the props and crowd ww

The entrance to the hall. dum dum dum XD

Right side was the place for figurines exhibition, left side are exhibitor booths and the far end is the Touhou Gentoushou!

Shogun's booth. They were giving away takoyakis and Shogun membership cards at 50% off.

Touhou Gentoushou. Looks so empty and quiet without the tournaments going on w

And here are the crew members standby-ing at the AniManGakuen. the third day for them to wake up early in the morning ww. Otsukaresama!

Jrock no Tamashii booth! Selling their tickets on both days of AniManGaki :)

And here's the stage. Lovely backdrop is lovely. 

View of the hall from Tenshi no Cafe. Empteeeeeehhhh (7am in the morning lol)

Aaaaand work starts to roll in when the exhibitors/doujins/crowds etc pours in. On Day 1 afternoon, I became a part time ticket-cutter www. On Day 2 morning, I became the printing person lols! After finishing some printings, here's a picture of crew member Derwinn and Pau.

So cute XD

Moving along~

P4 cosplay, I'd say he does have the looks for Narukami, thumbs up!

Dropped by my kaasan (Sakura's booth) @ Yukkuri doujin!. Took a shot with kaasan and niichan! (Yes, she's my niichan)

After some time of running around, I finally took a chance to watch FightSaberMY's performance, they were pretty awesome o3o! Light sabers here and there, they're everywhere XD Unfortunately, with my midget size, I wasn't able to see that clearly though orz...

Kingdom Hearts :3

Senbonzakura Kaito!!

Back at AniManGaki Office!. Derwinn has usagimimi and cat ears and cat he's a cat or usagi? D:

Dango Daikazoku!! SHO CUTE AND FLUFFY

The cute owner of the dangos :3 My senpai who brought my into AniManGaki Committee. Really thankful to her! I mean, even though it's hectic and all, but it was really fun and great experience!

Vocaloid Mayu!!! Now, I shall head over to Malaysia Vocaloid Party's booth XD

Yoshii-kun's wall of Tako Luka o3o

Our long table filled with figures :3

Gyaah! Miku-chan! Tsk tsk, evil Meiko and Rin! ww

Some of the displays owned by MVP members were put on display too! *Points at my Electric Love album* Also, my friend brought his Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu novel, though I haven't had the chance to really read it on that day ww

At around 2pm, the crowd on Sunday was overwhelming too o3o

Even outside of the hall!

At around 5pm, the prize giving ceremony started, and well, I was waiting for the winner of the Otaku level AniMangakuen XD Since the winner gets a giant Hatsune Miku plushie o3o And well, guess who got it!

Omedetou Yoshii-kun~!! 888888 A Vocaloid fan indeed, wearing his GSC Miku shirt with pride too haha!

Giant Hatsune Miku returns to MVP booth. SO HUGE AND CUTE. I wanna pet it >///<

There was a special prize given to Pedobear ww and lol. He attempted to dance Gangnam Style on stage XD

Here comes the group photo for all the cosplayers~! Now pardon me for my poor photography skills XD

And once that was over, the crew was called up to the stage.

Initially, me and Pau only stayed right below the stage, but was then ushered to come up to the stage >///< Eep, I was shy but heck lol, just go for it :/ I was already wearing an usagimimi all day long already XD surprisingly most of the crowd still stayed even at 6pm. Amazing o3o

After that all of the crews and volunteers retreated to the Office and chilled for awhile. And then cleaning up the Office, glad that we don't have to clean up the hall lol. If we had to clean up the hall, I think my legs would break already. After cleaning up was done and reading public feedbacks, I said goodbye to everyone and slipped away to join MVP peeps for dinner at KFC's.

Surprisingly on AniMangaki Day 2, I didn't buy anything. I guess that's also good in a sense that I didn't waste any money www.

Well, that brings my AniManGaki reports to an end. Thank you for reading all three of them even though my blogging pace is slow orz.....I'm having exams currently actually haha, a break from studies :)

AniManGaki 2012 ended. And the next week we had an AniManGaki post mortem meeting! Teehee, seems like next year is going to be an eventful year again for me :3 

And also, time to buck up Malaysia Vocaloid Party too, need to think of ways to bump further this group!

Till my next post, adios!