Monday, November 5, 2012

Bad Times? Bad Times Indeed.

Have you ever experienced before being sick, but not knowing what sickness you contracted? And to add that, you're in this confused state for 5 days not knowing what to do (even the doctors lol).

Just a few days back in Melaka, for some reason I couldn't sleep at all and had this flashback of the time I contracted dengue fever a few years ago. I know it's just dengue fever. But dengue fever may affect individuals differently, it can be serious, or just a minor case. How minor can it get? You'll only get hospitalized for 2 days, how serious then? For my case, I was hospitalized for a week, add another 3 days at home prior to hospitalization. Frankly speaking, I haven't told anyone the full story about it. Maybe I just wanted to forget about it lol

Look, it's a mosquito 8D

It happened when I was in Form 4, a light fever struck me when I got back home on Friday afternoon. Decided to dismiss it as just your regular fever. Took in plenty of water, a few panadols, hoping to get better the next day.

Waking up the next day wasn't all that pleasant, headaches and fever got worse. Started to feel nauseous and ended up my mom took me to the doctor. More panadols & antibiotics were given. Just a fever, or so the doctor from the local clinic said.

Well, rashes started to appear all over my body. Told my parents about it, and then from then on, we suspected that it was Measles. Given the circumstances, it was safe to assume that it's measles, since I'm having rashes, cough, flu and fever. But we weren't sure yet, plus I did took measles vaccine when I was little. Maybe the effect wore off or something >.> Spent another day lying around the bed, doing nothing but attempted to sleep.

I just googled this picture. But it is similar to my room. with the blinds and stuff >3<

Monday - Hospitalization
Fever was getting worse. In the end, my mom brought me to the hospital to get it checked out. After a brief examination the doctor said it should not be measles since I already took the vaccine injection, but  it's better to take a blood test and get myself hospitalized since I've been having fever for 3 days already.  The first time seeing your own blood getting sucked up by a teeny weeny needle. Not amusing, turned my head away immediately when I see a gush of blood flow up the tube lol.

After I went back home to pack my stuff, I head back to the hospital to get myself checked in. IV drips, ah so nostalgic, I was hospitalized twice before this because of food poisoning XD Hmm, well, having a needle stuck at your left hand for the whole day is a-okay, I just don't like that I have to push around that IV drip stand wherever I go. Oh and, changing your clothes is a really hard task =w= I'm sure most of you understand what I mean by that haha XD

So the blood test results came in during the evening, after the doctor's short explanation, it seems like my blood platelets level is slighter lower than normal, but nowhere near dangerous, and it doesn't indicate that I have dengue. Plus. I didn't have any dengue antibodies yet in my blood stream. (Antibodies are said to appear only in the 5th day or so, if my memory serves me right.) So my sickness still remains a mystery.

Tuesday - Remedy?
Morning, following the daily routine, the nurse came in to take, yet another blood sample. Questioned the doctor again as to what's happening to me, but no definite answer came. Ended up I spent another day in bed, lost and clueless. But finally, in the evening, the doctor came into the room with a slight smile. "I think I found out the cause of your fever", he said. That feel. DAT FEEL. According to the doctor, my platelets level got lower than before which worried me a bit. BUT! he told me that I have a kind of virus in my body which caused the fever, and apparently the virus was transmitted through pet animals. Well, that's weird, I didn't have any pets at home nor was I near any pets during the week. But in any case, I was happy anyway, alas, I have an answer. So I was given medication, these huge, bitter pills. Ugh @.@ Those were horrible, bad, horribad. 

Those pills were bad to the point that, I kept vomiting, even in the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up with the urge to vomit. Vomiting ain't so bad? Try vomiting 8 times per day. (I vomited throughout Tuesday and Wednesday =3=, don't read this if you just had your meal....well, I guess it's too late to warn you now XD)

Nevertheless, I still forced myself to take in those pills since I thought they were the remedies to my fever.

Wednesday - Sorrow & Happiness
After getting my blood sucked out for another test, the doctor came in to enquire about my current state. "Not getting any better", was what I said. He still looked puzzled so he said to wait for the blood test results to come in.

I broke down on this day, after the doctor left, I started crying and asked my mom what's happening to me. I know it's hard for my mom too, but I needed to let it go, I've been holding it for days. My mom gave me a tight embrace and told me everything's gonna be fine. Deep down inside me is just full of uneasiness and my mind feels so messed up. Couldn't do anything but to hope that all this will pass soon, and perhaps, my prayers were answered on that very day.

In the evening, the doctor came in with my blood test results again. "It's dengue fever." Once more, that feel, DAT FEEL! So it's dengue after all! Unfortunately, to this date, there is no medication for dengue fever, the doctor advised to take in lots of fluids, plenty of rest and hope for the best. Though my blood platelets level dropped to the danger zone, so I'll have to be monitored closely. He also warned that I might get joint pains soon. Why oh why did you have to jinx me oh kind doctor ;w;

Thursday - Ant Bites, Icey Cold & Pokes
True enough, I was experiencing joint pains the next day. It was still bearable, it's just that every single move you make, your joints experience this stinging pain. Like, ants biting every part of your body lol. The nurse came into the room in the morning, took another blood sample, and presented me an ice pillow. ICE pillow. I had to lie on this uber cold pillow on my back just to reduce the heat in my body since I was approaching 40 degrees. It was very very unpleasant, it feels like I'm in Antartica even though I'm in Malaysia T_T 

One of the effects of dengue is that your blood vessels will swell. And god damn, my vessels did, and the IV drip was pushed out of my blood vessel and onto my skin, so the doctor had to re-position the IV needle. This particular action, had repeated 8 times from Thursday till Sunday. I was poked 3 times on the back of my left hand, 3 times on the back of my right hand, 1 time below my thumb (on the back of my hand, the vein near your wrist), 1 time on the vein at that elbow joint (Not elbow, but the other side, don't know what's that part called /shot I can't swing my right hand at all ;w;) The reason why he didn't poke the vein below the palm of my hand was that, the vein was swollen till he couldn't find it orz. And each time the doctor used a much more bigger needle because the needle kept getting pushed out of my vein. I still have some needle scars on my left and right hand. it's barely noticeable, but I can still point it out. (Scars of a brave person! /shot)

Friday - Bleeding & Dengue Shock Syndrome
The worst day of the week.

After breakfast in the morning, I took out a novel and started reading it, until I realized that I'm having a nosebleed. I never had nosebleeds before in my life, and that was my first time. Nosebleed is also another symptom of Dengue, but I didn't know that time lol. Luckily the amount of blood loss wasn't that significant. *phew*

But in the afternoon, I experienced something.....bad. I woke up from my afternoon nap, feeling all numb, dizzy and weak all over. I didn't even feel like talking to my parents that time, and every single movement I made, it felt like my bones are breaking, it's one helluva joint pain. Never before experience this much pain, dizziness, tiredness all over. Back then the stupid and ignorant me just continued my nap trying to forget the pain. Around evening, the doctor came to check on me and he asked me am I having extreme joint pains. I confessed that I am and he just ordered the nurse to increase the speed of the IV drip and didn't say anything more. Once more, I tried to sleep.

During nightfall, I felt much more better and my mind was clearer. The doctor came in suddenly and checked on me. My parents were present and he started to explain what happened in the afternoon. Apparently, I was experiencing Dengue Shock Syndrome. My whole circulatory system slowed down greatly and blood wasn't flowing at a normal pace. Well, that explains the nosebleed in the morning and this weird state I experienced earlier that day. And this syndrome only occurs in less than 5% of all cases of dengue (according to wikipedia) Bad luck it is.

Let's just say I'm lucky that I survived from it, that shock may cause death if it's really severe. That explains why the doctor kept silent in the afternoon lol.

Saturday - Recovery!
When they say you recover fast. You indeed recover VERY fast. Saturday was like, I felt a stone lift off my back. My fever subsided a little, though I still felt weak, I was really relieved. A totally different feeling from yesterday. The day pass by and the blood results from that day came in with a piece of good news, my platelets level rose, indicating that I'm recovering from dengue fever. 

Sunday - Recovery lvl 2!
If my memory serves me right, my fever totally went away on Sunday ;w; All my happiness! So the doctor said that it's fine to have me discharged on Monday. HHNNNGH all my shiawase feels. Took long naps just to pass the time quickly and here comes Monday!

Monday - Monday Blues? Nope.
DISCHARGE! Oh, finally, free from IV drips. Goodbye hospital food, goodbye oh-so-hard-mattresses (I want fluffy soft beds! >3<) The doctor issued me an MC for Tuesday. YESSSSS, skipped school like a boss! XD But still, I have to take care of myself since I'll be feeling weak all over for the next few weeks. (this 'weak' feeling lasted for about 2~3 weeks)

So, I guess that sums up my experience. Never ever take mosquitoes lightly I tell you. Since then whenever I see mosquitoes, I HAVE to kill them. (Annihilate these bastards!) Oh and, in the course of 1 week, I lost 3kgs. Aiks @.@

I'm still here, safe and healthy. Hurray for that, and I guess this experience made me stronger (I Would really like to thank my family for being there with me the whole time, sorry if I made you guys worry a lot ;w;

I hope my stories scares some of you out there lol, this shows how important it is to keep yourself away from mosquitoes. You may never know when you're gonna get it.

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  1. Hopefully you won't get it anymore..
    Will you?
    I heard that if you have contracted the disease before, you're likely to survive for the second time and forth