Monday, November 19, 2012

Levain's and Final Fantasy : Distant Worlds Concert

Hello hello! (does the SeeD salutation) It's been awhile since I last updated, I do have stuff to blog about, but I guess those can wait. FF concert needs more attention XD 

And so, me, my sis and bro bought ourselves tickets to the Final Fantasy : Distant Worlds orchestra concert. We attended the Sunday afternoon session which starts at 3pm and ends at 5.30pm. It was pricey, but money worth spent!

So, before the epic imba concert, we dined at Levain. An Italian restaurant, a very classy one at that. Le bro said wanted to treat us sisters to something good :P

Ordered myself beef aglio-olio spaghetti. Damn, I don't think I wanna eat spaghetti from Pizza Hut's anymore thanks to this orz

My cup of Cappuccino. Sadly the foam art wasn't that nice =3=

Ordered desserts! I chose a mont blanc (the chocolaty dessert behind)

The coffee cream on top looks like soba (or so my sis says lolol) Anyway, I've always wanted to try one, and Levain's mont blanc has mochi in it which was surprising o.o

Bro's mango cup.

Bro and sis sharing a pizza. They ordered Angry Pizza, which was full of chili padi lol.

After a nice scrumptious meal, we left Levain's and head to KLCC.

Now, let's talk about how I got into Final Fantasy first shall we? X3

I remembered my first (and only) Final Fantasy game I played was FF 8. Our cousin bought the game and lent it to us, so us siblings sat in front of the computer together and played it, I was only a small kid in primary school in year 2001/2002. All my childhood feels.

I've always been a fan of Final Fantasy music since little. Us siblings started to catch news of every new Square Enix games (not limiting ourselves to FF series) released. I listened to a lot of FF music, and I eventually brought my love for FF music to my piano. Sister started playing a few FF 8 songs, so I was interested too and started practicing. Gradually I played FF 7's, then FF10's and FF 10-2's. So, yeah, that's how much I love FF music. Nobuo Uematsu is really a great composer. /dogezas to Nobuo Uematsu.

So! FF Distant Worlds here we come! Took a couple pictures in the car while heading to KLCC.

Le tickets! Off we go~!

Here's a list of the songs played,
Programme :
  1. Prelude
  2. Liberi Fatali
  3. Victory Theme
  4. Final Fantasy 2010 Medley
  5. To Zanarkand
  6. Memoro de la Stono - Distant Worlds
  7. The Man with the Machine Gun
  8. Theme of Love
  9. You're Not Alone
  10. Chocobo Medley 2010
  11. Bombing Mission
  12. Dear Friends
  13. Vamo' alla Flamenco
  14. Blinded by Light
  15. Don't be Afraid
  16. Clash on the Big Bridge
  17. Aerith's Theme
  18. Maria and Darco
  19. Terra's Theme
Encore :
  • Suteki da Ne
  • One Winged Angel
I'll be honest here, I tried SO HARD to hold back my tears since the first song, really, it was rather emotional for me. I mean, all my childhood feels, my time spent listening/practicing FF songs, and also, it was my first time going for an orchestra concert (I know, I fail as a music lover XD)

When the second song struck, inside me was shouting : FITHOS! LUSEC! WICOS! VINOSEC! XD I eventually cried though, couldn't hold in any longer. After the 3rd drop of tear, I decided to just let it go, luckily I wasn't crying that much lol, just drops of tears XD My bro sat beside me was sniffing, trying to hold in too XD Le sister almost cried too, but put on a poker face lol

Well, I had to use a tissue to wipe off my tears orz

Overall, it was really eargasm for me. I really enjoyed it. Hats off to to everyone from the concert, conductor, musicians, vocalists, the guys behind the scene, SquareSoft/Square Enix for all the awesomeness, Nobuo Uematsu and many more!!

A picture after the concert. We had the special guests and the conductor sign on our pamphlets. I wanna frame this together with my ticket lol!

My idiotic smile after the concert lol

The said pamphlet and ticket.

Gosh, if they're doing it again next year, I'm definitely coming, no doubt about it. 

Well, that's all for today. I'm dead tired @.@ Goodnight everyone and Happy 25th anniversary Square Enix!


  1. Fee toss~!!!!

    Lu Sek!!!!

    We Cos!!!!

    We No Sek!!!!!


    Yea FF-8 was my first ever FF series too~ Love Squall to the max... I like Fisherman Horizon theme song too xD Haha cheers~! xD

    - Anonymous ninja 101.

  2. I'm pretty sure the above is July Gladiolz... XD

  3. I'm crying on the inside now...
    /sat on the corner crying..