Sunday, December 2, 2012

Recent Happenings & Upcoming Exams

こんにちは!It's been a real long while since my last post. I was busy, like studying, reading novels, surfing NicoNicoDouga...*cough*

Anyway, tomorrow, I shall face my finals for this semester. Nervous? Not really. Confident? NOPE! lol. I'm so used to facing 'finals' every month I just don't react much to the real finals anymore lol. Anyway, a quick update on stuffs.

And so I missed AFASG 2012, but my friends from the anime club brought back souvenirs for me! Aww, that's so sweet of them :3

And they know exactly what I like! Yay! Addition to my Kuroko no Basket items! Damn, Kuroko is just too cute *w* And #2 Kuroko, hhngghhhhhhhh

Well, other than that, A few months back, I asked my friend to help me pick up copy of Kagerou Days vol. 2 light novel from Kinokuniya. Yay! Received the book from him last month and finished reading it within a week LOL

Sadly, I haven't read Kagerou Days vol. 1 yet lol. On the day I went for the FF Distant Worlds concert, I dropped by Kinokuniya to enquire about it. Apparently vol. 1 of Kagerou Days is out of print so I can't even make a pre-order T^T Hope there's another printing for this...*fingers crossed*

Kagerou Days vol. 2 review? Hmm, it was an a-okay novel. I wouldn't say it's one of the best out there, but it definitely made me so eager to read it everyday lol. I'd give it an 8 out of 10. Well, maybe my horrible Japanese is at fault lol. But hey! At least I get to read light novels now, that's an achievement! XD

Oh and, look what we have here.....

I got myself a Maimai card together with Han Bing. orz I'm addicted to maimai arcade lol! It's so fun *w* And plus, there's Vocaloid songs in it! Can't wait to unlock more songs though, and hopefully the ones at Pyramid will get updated with the latest songs, there's an 'Extend' category newly released but I don't see it >3<

For those who wonder what's maimai,

Thanks for the link Han Bing!

A picture of green tea kit kat that was taken 2 months ago, totally forgotten to upload it lol. Anyway, Yui bought it for me when we went out for dinner at 1U. Damn, this thing is delicious, though not as much as coffee and karipaps though ^p^

Well, my exam will end in the next 2 weeks. So, I shall attempt to disappear from the Internet world. (Read : Attempt) I name it,

The Disappearance of Reigan Eventine.



  1. "レーガンイーバンタインの消失” wwwww

    That NND video on MaiMai, makes me feel like playing too now, ||OTL

  2. I'm more interested in your Kit-Kat.
    Where did you find Kit Kat in green?
    I thought it's only sold in Japan (;___; )

    1. Well, you can find it at Shojikiya, though it usually gets sold out pretty fast >_<