Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tamayaki (Takoyaki jyanai yo!)

So there's this new shop at Sunway Pyramid, Tamayaki and decided to give it a try since I'm a fan of takoyaki. Upon close inspection of the shop's mascot...It looks similar to a certain character from Taiko no Ta---/bricked. 

'kay let's leave that aside and move along~ ww

After you've made your order, you'll get this cute number. Above is the front and the below picture is the back of the badge.

Lucky number 5 desu :3

And here comes my order! Well, it's tad bit expensive, but they're giving you 4 tamayakis instead of the usual 3 so it depends on your personal preference :) The packaging is quite neat.

Jajya~n. You can add wasabi and chili flakes too if you want. I only added some chili flakes (I'm not that good with wasabi ww).

*Warning! grotesque image!* LOL

I ordered big octopus tamayaki. And this is how it looks like inside. Sad to say, I'm disappointed at the fact that it's quite empty inside ^_^; And the crust is too thin, it falls apart quite easily. Not to mention that the mayonnaise is super was very very sweet orz..

Well, I think this will probably my first and last time having tamayaki, unless someone manages to change my mind, I shall frequent my usual takoyaki store at Asian Avenue! :3


  1. Tamayaki?
    Hmm, is that the name for the shop selling takoyaki?

    Bring me there next time ww

    1. Yeap, Tamayaki is a shop name :)

      But, WHO ARE YOU?! (lol)

  2. omg kawaiii <333

    Happy New Year from Tamahome No Miko from <3

  3. Cute mascot, delicious Mayonnaise sauce and a bit pricey for afternoon snack. Hope they need to make sure their takoyaki timing is right if not it will be burnt.