Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas at Portuguese Settlement 2012

Hello folks! An early Merry Christmas to you all! As a Malaccan myself, of course, when you talk about Christmas, the first thing that pops up is Portuguese Settlement! I went on a weekend this time, at 11pm too lol. It was all for the sake of avoiding traffic jams...Malacca's traffic is getting more and more terrible >.> And well, I did not make it to the platform like last year. Mom and dad wanted to head back home since it was late D: I didn't even get to taste Portuguese food too...T^T

This house never fails to impress us every year. Amazing decorations as always.

Another pretty house!

I wonder how much is their electricity bill for this month...

The view of Selat Melaka from the Lim Kok Wing University building. That building used to be a hotel but it was taken over :P Guess business wasn't good when your hotel is located in such a secluded area...

The Portuguese Settlement's huge food court. I did not go there this time, thus, did not walk on the platform too. I ish sadz....

Well, I hope everyone will enjoy their Christmas this year! And as for me....well, my family doesn't really celebrate Christmas. So I guess I'll just chill at my home, avoiding the jams all over Malacca.

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