Saturday, February 23, 2013

Post CNY?

I've been neglecting my blog. I'm sorry!! Life is good, for now at least. Well, CNY is coming to an end, and I'm back to my university, studying, but at least life's good with JHan by my side! :3

Let's have a look at the new goodies in hand! Thanks to my friend who went to Japan and got these souvenirs, such a kind guy!

I'm the lucky one who got the special sticker. Bwahahah!

Friend remembered that I was frantically searching for Kagerou Days vol 1. light novel in Kinokinuya. And, Kino lied when they said there's no more stock in Japan!!

Also got a NND clear file, so cute. Got myself a pair of Kagamine twins keychain XD

That said, how's everyone's CNY? I had a lot of food :X I'm not sure how much weight I gained when I went back melaka, but I'm pretty sure it's at least 1kg lol. Behold....

Delicious food that my mom made. This was on the 9th of Febuary, before the first day of CNY~ (jumps around like a little brat)

And well, you know the usual, a few days later, visited cousins' houses, grandma's house. Cousins came over, drink more, eat more, ANG PAAAU

Also, I try to make an effort to see all my highschool friends, since I'm currently studying in PJ, and most of them are also studying in Melaka/elsewhere, hard to meet each other /sniff. It's a once in a year thing, so glad to see them doing fine. Here's a picture of them visiting my house XD And my property (my domo)!!

Oh, we're all grown-ups now..All my feels...
'Kay, I feel old now.

Even though we met up and had fun together, my highschool besties are not present! (well some of them) So we decided to meet together again on another day, and also to say goodbye to one of my friend who's leaving Malaysia to study abroad. Lucky girl she is ;w;

After mahjong session, we head off to Dataran Pahlawan, and I brought up the topic of Purikura that we took 2 years ago. Decided to take it again for memories sake. 

I really hope our friendship will last >w<

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