Sunday, February 3, 2013

The start of a new month

A lot has happened in the month of January, but all's good! I survived the first hellish month of my ACCA sem 2! 

So after our first round of exams for this sem we decided to celebrate with a bang. We went to IKEA's on Thursday and had awesome meatballs.

Glorious meatballs

So, after the meal we decided to take a stroll around IKEA, as usual XD

Girl's outing yo! Love these girls. Been sticking with them for more than 1.5 years, still going strong!!

After finishing our tour around IKEA, we depart to Christine's house at 5pm, hoping to beat the jam, unfortunately we still got caught though lol. Stayed over at Christine's house for the day and gosh, girls' gossip till 3am LOL It's been awhile since I last did that. It was super fun ^_^ Thanks to Christine's family for letting us stay over!

The next day we woke up at 9am, finished packing stuff and dilly-dallying around and left for Da Sa Rang (Korean BBQ restaurant) at 11am. Our brunch! Though the food was a bit disappointing for me >w< wasn't that nice compared to the ones I had in Nilai, but I shouldn't compare 'cause the one at Nilai is prepared by a Korean family lol.

Thanks to the waiter for helping us snapping this picture XD Gosh, luckily my fringe is hiding my panda eyes. I was kind of sleep deprived. I couldn't sleep at all on Wednesday, and only had 6 hours of sleep on Thursday @.@

So after our lunch, we head back to university, and our little gathering is dismissed. I for one, still have plans for the rest of the day, Cbox gathering!

I immediately rushed back to hostel and repacked my bag within 15 minutes and left for Pyramid for the maimai session. I'm seriously addicted to this arcade game. I started off just because there's Vocaloid songs in it. And now... orz

Credits to Aki Hellcove for this picture!! (this is an old picture though, taken a few weeks back)

And so after about 2 hours of maimai, me and the other two guys head to our main destination, Zetacross' crib, for the potluck party! My first potluck party with them, it was meant to be done last year but it never happened because everyone was busy, so it was postponed to this year.

Thanks to everyone who came, thanks to Zet and his family for letting us have it at his house, many thanks to Susu-senpai for preparing most of the food :)

And the highlight of the day, the Yee Sang!! Prepared by Raymond's family themselves, the yee sang was so awesome OAO Even though my last Yee Sang was like..when I was in primary school? lol, we Malaccans don't really lou yee sang during new years lol. 

The sour and sweet sauce blends together so well!!

 Lou yee sang in progress XD

And so, after the yee sang, *ba dum tss*

Ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins!!! Thanks Yadea for that! It was superb *w* /noms the whilte chocolate piece on top.

And after that everyone started to leave as 12am was approaching. For me and a couple of us, we had anime talks till about near 1.30am lol. It's been a looooong while since I've had this much fun talking about animes XD

Well, that's all for Friday. And on Saturday(yesterday) I went out to Pyramid for part 1 Chinese New Year shopping ww. Couldn't really make a decision and only bought 1 blouse >w< (partly due to financial constraints too lol)

Hopefully today's shopping will be better than yesterday's "=.=


  1. Since you complain no comments XD

    The picture of the cakeeee was taken by me fufufufu. Photography skills of mine *che bangga diri*

  2. Your hair is getting longer.
    You look more and more like her hahaha (which is crazily scary at the same time =x)

    1. o3o who is this 'her' you're referring to?