Thursday, March 7, 2013

First my Burger Lab Experience

The long awaited trip to myBurgerLab!! It was definitely a great outing since I went with him XD

What's BurgerLab?

So, on a fine Saturday, we arrived at 5pm, right on time when the shop just opened. Stood in line, waited for our turn. I was kind of shy to take photos, thus the amount of photos is just sad lol...

And here's a photo of my black burger! XD


There's this amusing board which contains lots of pictures, messages to the BurgerLab team, and bill notes from around the whole world (USA, China etc)

We happen to be the 23rd customer for the day! Didn't expect that o.o Thought we'd be like the 100th customer or something lol. Took quite awhile for our burgers to arrive, but it was worth the wait, and well, the team did a great job of serving burgers. There's a whole lot of crowd there, but service is still good!

The cute cashier lady has a very sweet smile XD

A random photo taken while waiting for our meal www Rin and Len christmas straps straight from Japan 8D

This is one of their decos on the wall....their very own periodic table LOL fascinating indeed XD

And then the time came for our early dinner! I ordered chicken A+, glorious mushrooms...the mushrooms hiding underneath the chicken patty, words can't describe how delicious it was ( ; w ; )b=b

The tsudere mushrooms hiding underneath!!

Gosh, I'd definitely go back again for these burgers, it was so nice T^T Oh and, you have to get the fries, it's not those average lookin' McD fries. The fries are freshly cut potato strips (with the skin yo!! The potato skin!!) deep fried, then sprinkled with some herbs (I'm assuming there's thyme, perhaps basil too?)

It's definitely worth going there, but then again, I can't go there too often or my purse will be sad www

Head over to their facebook page for their shop address and other news!

BurgerLab's blog:


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  2. :p stumbled upon your page here and got hungry all of a sudden XD
    is the burger nice? Would wanna go and try it someday...