Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

So I went to the last day of the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta! With the help of my chauffeur/kuli, managed to get to Putrajaya. Fortunately (or...unfortunately) it was raining heavily that day, so everything had to be postponed D:

Good thing is that, the activities postponed, so we managed to enter one, which was supposed to end long ago ww Bad thing is that, they had to keep all the hot air balloons, so to inflate it again takes a lot of time :<

Here's a few that we spotted :3

Representative from Selangor!

NEKO! You'll have to pay an entry fee of RM20 just to ride on this one. We were reluctant to pay the amount, so we skipped this :x

Lining up for the Cold Inflation event. The Cold Inflation is something like, they inflate a hot air balloon just enough to accomodate ppl to go inside the balloon and have the experience of being inside the balloon. 

And after about 30~40 mins waiting, finally we got in! The entry fee was only RM2, so, why not? XD Though it's only for a brief moment, like, 5 minutes? :P

Le mua!

Le slave of the day! XD

Spotted more hot air balloons from far away. That white thing on the left is actually a Smurf XD

There are some other activities such as this! Hamster balls at the Extreme Activity Zone.

Soon after we had dinner at around 7pm, the sky gradually turned dark, and then we couldn't find any hot air balloons at all D: Either they all flew off somewhere, or deflated :x

After walking for a few more hours around the event grounds, saw this Michellin balloon, observing the process of deflation XD

 Aww, seems so sad D: Oh well, we didn't stay for the Jazz Night event though. And sadly, the Night Glow (fireworks display) was only on Saturday, we went on a Sunday :<

Hanabi! Hanabi! D:

Overall it was a great trip, it was also my first time at Putrajaya haha!!! Never been there before XD Would like to thank Yui for bringing me there, it was a rough week for me >w< So this trip made me happy XD Although one of my friend who was supposed to follow us ended up not following D: !!!

Sad enough that we couldn't get to see a lot of hot air balloons though, I blame it on the weather! ;w;

p.s : The most interesting hot air balloon was Tune Talk's. It was...a freaking Sim card lol.

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