Monday, October 21, 2013

Nuffnang Food Fest

So me the girls (..and 1 guy) decided to attend the Nuffnang Food Fest on the 5th of October 2013 at Sunway Pyramid. I first noticed this event via Facebook, the concept of 'eat for free' is of course very enticing to us university students. A little planning and some rescheduling, all of us managed to make our Saturday free and ready for the food fest!

We all decided to go a tad bit earlier, so I first met up with Chermaine at our uni roughly about 3pm. Somehow the others were late so the both of us went ahead first.

Initially we thought the event is indoors, apparently it wasn't. It was placed just right outside of Sunway Lagoon! I was actually afraid of the heat, but luckily there was no trace of a big hot sun, it was so cooling! And not to mention that it's the perfect lighting for me to take photos :D

Upon registration for the event, you get a macaroon, a pamphlet of Sunway Pyramid and also a little card regarding ChurpOut event.


Macaroon! :D

Turn around and you'll see a big tent by Maggi! I guess they sponsored the event, considering the size they have and also the stage events revolving around Maggi. 

I was glad that we registered early, a line soon formed and me and Chermaine heaved a sigh of relief.

It was still early, and the event just started, so we took a stroll around the venue to see the variety of stalls.

Nuffnang Food Fest introduces Social Media Currency, where you tweet to eat! (Only on the day itself I realized there's also the option to "Like" their Facebook fanpage, but I figured Twitter is easier and faster) 

Brilliant pork burgers from Ninja Joe :D

My first stop was Absolute Thai, as most of the stalls weren't ready yet. Absolute Thai was serving finger food, while on the side selling staple food such as fried bee hoon etc.

Capsicum and fishcake from Absolute Thai. First grub of the day.

Next up we walked to the opposite side and noticed a shop named "Andy's BBQ" Hmm? That's an unfamiliar name. Upon closer inspection, they're giving out samples featuring the best of the best from their menu all topped with barbeque sauce :D

Christine and Chermaine promoting XD

Had a light chat with this pretty lady, one of the owner of Andy's BBQ. Andy's BBQ currently does not have a physical shop, but they do go around pasar malams to sell their food. Hopefully they'll have a shop soon as I wanna come back for more >w<.

Next up Nando's! For some odd reason, I forgot to take a photo of the food. They served us a piece of chicken, topped with any sauce of your choice. 

Going up the venue, I was greeted by the scent of coffee, and my senses got tingling. Turned to my right and there they are, BaristaGuildAsia. I immediately tweeted, and placed my order of a cup of cappuccino.

While waiting I took some snaps ^_^

And voila, cappuccino. Glorious coffee.

Friends were aiming at myBurgerLab. But somehow, I wasn't keen on lining up @.@. Well, before my friends started lining up, we took a snack. SS2 Goreng Pisang (Grammatically speaking, it should've been pisang goreng :o but oh well) 

Too bad it was cold though >w<

Become ambassador again :D

Then the rest of the gang followed suit lol

As we got slightly tired from walking around, we all went back in to Sunway Pyramid to Ochado to have a quick rest.

Alamak, Sai Chung accidentally shut his eyes D:

Soon after we got rejuvenated after a quick rest, we proceeded to conquer the stalls again. First up, N'Brew!

Christine, and the boss of N'Brew. Somehow got to know the boss when they just opened their kiosk in Sunway Pyramid. Kind of happy that the boss still remembers us :D

Vanilla ice-cream! Great to soothe my dry throat after all that greasy food.

One of the stalls, Royal Post Cafe. Though I didn't try anything.

Funnily enough, I passed by BaristaGuildAsia again, and....I placed an order for a cold latte lol.

Still feeling dehydrated, fine then! Yakult!

So after we had our fill of drinks, the girls decided to line up for some of the stalls (which I forgot what stall was it already), so I went to the stall next to it, which was NikoNiko Onigiri. Initially I thought they'd give me small rice balls but...

Instead, mashed potatoes and fried chicken. That was kind of unexpected :o

After that, we head back to Andy's BBQ as the lady said that they'd change their menu every hour or so.

Grilled vegetables! :D

The chef of Andy's BBQ

Got myself a cup of juice from JuiceWorks. Though it was only half-filled ^_^; the time has come, to line up for myBurgerLab. Look at the lineeeeee.

So we had time, and we took pictures.

...And more pictures. 

It was already near evening, and by the time we realized, it was 6pm+. Time flies eh D:

I wonder why but I failed to notice this ice-cream stall "Cielo Dolci". I peeked over to see their gelatos, only to find weird flavours such as Tau Fu Fah, Nasi Lemak, Gula Melaka with Coconut and about 3 other flavours. I was very intrigued by it. Initially I wanted to try Nasi Lemak, but then I'm afraid that I might get shocked or something so I took a safer choice which was Tau Fu Fah.

And oh my god, that Tau Fu Fah tasted exactly like Tau Fu Fah. I promise that I will visit their shop in Paradigm Mall someday. SOMEDAY!

The girls got their fill of Crazy Potatoes (I stole some :P)

Some soda to clear our throats from Sweet Montage.

...And I went back to BaristaGuildAsia for my last cup of coffee which was latte. 

Last grub for the day, regular popiah from Sister's Crispy Popiah.

Upon exiting the venue....the line for myBurgerLab was still long.

We eventually left the place at about 7.30pm or so. It was a truly great experience, get to try out all sorts of food. Get our tummies filled and to chit chat with the owners of the stalls, socializing with other people. I have to give credit to Nuffnang for this event, apparently it was their largest event ever to date. It was pretty well organized, except for the little delay on the food photography workshop, but in the end I couldn't go for it anyway, bummer. Hopefully Nuffnang will consider bringing in more variety next time :D

Extra bonus :

Me, acting fabulous :D

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