Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Of Coffee and Ensembles

Konnichiwa! Have been updating VocaParty lately but not my own personal blog, oppsie. So here goes! I have a few backlogs to clear so I'll start motivating myself with karipaps somehow.

A couple of weeks ago I was walking around Isetan's food section at KLCC. Then an aunty came over to me and called me out to promote something fairly interesting.

It's an instant coffee, but not-so-instant at the same time.

NiceO drip coffee. (I couldn't find the Facebok page though, apologies for that) Apparently it's a local brand, and it has been around for about 3 years according to the aunty. As I like to drink coffee, of course it immediately stole my attention.

Takeaway coffee cup comes with...A filter?! W-what's this contraption?! 

Upon chatting further with the aunty, this cup of not-so-instant coffee has grinded coffee beans, creamer and sugar in one cup. A whole new definition to 'instant coffee'

Once I got back home I immediately tried the coffee. They're so friendly they even gave a cup cover thingy to prevent heat loss XD

And here are the ingredients to a cup of coffee! There's also an extra bold packet for those who prefer their coffee thicker. And le mua starts to put one by one into the filter cup 8D

Of course I added the extra bold packet in :D

Next up is the coffee!

After adding these two packets, grabbed some hot water...

And I can already smell the great aroma coming from the beans. Splendid.

After a few more cups of hot water, I have myself a nice cup of coffee.

I took a sip of the coffee before I added the creamer and sugar, just to test how good the coffee beans are, and they're pretty decent for something less than RM5.

And voila! For those who are stingy like me, don't throw away the grinded coffee first, you can actually go for a round two, though it's not as thick as before, but it's enough for half a cup more. (What to do, I'm a university student mah)

After my cup of coffee, off to enjoy an ensemble for charity, organized by Jeffrey Cheah Foundation. The concert featured Sunway University Ensemble and The Perak Society of  Performing Arts (PSPA).

"Mozart on Silk Road". Obviously what caught my attention was Mozart's name! The ensemble itself features several of Mozart's pieces and some famous traditional Chinese music (Thus the "Silk Road" title)

This was taken before it started. It was my second time attending a musical concert. Last was Final Fantasy : Distant Worlds, last year. Excited to enjoy good music once more.

The brochure for the concert. Unfortunately it got crumpled ^_^; 

The aim of this concert is to raise funds for Magdelene Ho, a music prodigy who is able to play piano so beautifully! She will be heading to UK soon to further her music studies. All the best Magdelene :) Hope to hear her perform in Malaysia in the near future.

The list of songs performed. It's a great honour to hear an orchestra play Turkish Rondo, as I've always played it on the piano, it certainly gives off a different vibe hearing a full blown orchestra like this. Awesome experience! Not to forget Sunway University Ensemble did a great job too for the first two songs, loved the Aladdin medley.

Overall it was a great concert and I really enjoyed myself. Surprisingly Sunway University's hall is actually a great place for concerts. I thought it'd be a little off for them to perform in a hall which was not meant for music concerts lol. I'm crossing my fingers waiting for Final Fantasy's orchestra performance again ;w;

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