Saturday, March 28, 2009

Biology Field Trip

Hi guys. Writing another post in 1 day. Haha, actually, i wanted to write this post earlier but i didn't have much time, oh well. During the week of holidays, Our school organized a biology field trip for Form 4 science stream students. Of course, i joined it. Quite fun and angry at the same time. Why you ask me? Wait, wait, let me finish the story. Lol

On 19th March, all of us gathered at the school compound at around 10.30pm. We were happy like idiots. Lol. Thus, after 30 minutes, we started our journey to Perak. It was painstaking, "=.= we had to sleep in the bus for that night. I couldn't sleep at all. Well, I did managed to sleep a little though. At about 6 am(I can't remember), We arrived Perak and had our breakfast. I was still a little blurry "=.=. Lol. Soon, we arrived at the mangrove swamp at Kuala Sepetang. Here's a random picture of it.

Trees surrounding us! Imagine you wallking here in the middle of the night without lights. Scary huh?Anyway, we had a boat ride around the mangrove swamp. It was enormous. We also passed through a fishing village.Surprisingly, we saw dolphins!!!!. Oh my gosh, it was unbelievable. My opinion about dolphins - you won't find any dolphins in Malaysia. Lol. I failed to grabbed a picture of it and realises that how stupid I am for not grabbing a video of it. Here's a picture of our chalet.

During the 2nd night, a couple of us slept here while the others slept at other chalets. I had two friends that didn't sleep that night and told us that there were footsteps on the roof and the back of the chalet which looks like a balcony. It happened around 2-3am. OMG, that was scary. And so around 5am, i woke up. I saw the two of them still awake and asked them to sleep while i took watch of the chalet. And, at around 5.30am, there were footsteps too. It was like a soft 'thump, thump'. And next came some mumbling sounds which I could not decipher. It was obviously human speaking. And later, there were no footsteps. I was scared and kept looking at the front door to find for any traces of shadow. There weren't any. And that increased my fear. Luckily nothing happened that night and I personally experienced this kind of phenomena first-hand! Awesome. I always wanted to experience it. We had friends to watch our chalet due to the lost of my friend's handphone. It was mysterious though. The theif, or whatever it was would not steal an mp4 but stole a handphone which was next to it. Lol.

Ah, the last day of the trip, the 3rd day. We travelled further north to Pulau Penang. The bus had drove us to a market (I couldn't remember its name). And of course, I bought Penang's delicacy, 'tau sa pia' or 'Tambun biscuit'. It was awesome. And later, we went to a spot where we got a full view of the sea, which was spectacular.

Sorry for poor quality pictures. I'm bad at self-taking-picture. (zi pai...what's zi pai in English?....Anyone?). Lol. These are my friends, the first picture is me & Vanessa, the 2nd picture is me & Ming Hui. Both are top scorers in Form 4. Looking at these pictures, have I shrunk?! It looks like I'm shorter and smaller than before O.o. OMG. Lol. Ming Hui had to squat a little to take this picture. I fail T_T. 155cm is considered as a shortie right? *sob*

After that, we travelled south again to Perak and went to a waterfall. It was a waterfall around Taiping somewhere 0.o. I didn't went into the water. Instead, i enjoyed a variety of food. Bought a burger, keropok and some other tidbits to satisfy my hunger. Oh well. Later, we sit in the bus and get ready to sleep as the bus travels back to Melacca. Eventually, we arrived at Malacca at around 11.30pm. As soon as I got down from the bus, I had my back straightened and I heard a sound 'krack'. Ooff, that 'oughta hurt.

Alas, my mom fetched me home and slept like an insolent fool that has been tortured by bullies and haven't had any sleep for 3 days.


  1. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you dont have my pict tooo *pokes back* mwahahah~

    "The theif, or whatever it was would not steal an mp4 but stole a handphone which was next to it. Lol." LOL HEY dont forget that s/he kindly off the charger plug too~ haha a conserve-electricity-type of thief