Monday, April 6, 2009

Earth Hour Day!

Terribly sorry for not posting this earlier. Lol. I was lazy to plug-in my camera to grab some pictures that I took that day. Anyway, any of you participated this meaningful day? Most of my friends did though. My family actually off all the lights but we didn't off the ceiling fan. LOL. Can't help it, too many mosquitos.

Here's a random picture of me playing the piano.

Grabbed this picture with my camera. I love this camera...XD.

Do your part to save the world. Your actions are appreciated.


  1. ehhh you capture this with your camera? wahh it's soo bright? what camera are you using? O.o

    and yeh i participated~ but mom insist to turn on the lights ;___; how unsupportive~ lol but i turn off the lights downstairs though since she's upstairs haha

  2. i took this picture using nikon's coolpix S600.....i took it with the night mode...awesome :)

  3. ahh cool~ mine's nikon coolpix S210~ just bought it,still cant master it well haha~ night mode? gosh it's uber awesome~i like the quality of the pict even though it's dark

  4. haha...ic ic...but i rarely use it lah....XD