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KL Trip 30-6-2009

Hey hey! It's been awhile since I wrote a post. Sorry guys, was busy with 4SN1's blog. >_< Anyway, we went to KL last Tuesday. We went to Parliament and Petrosains. Initially, I planned to go to Aquaria after Petrosains, but alas all of us agreed that Times Square was better XD. So we made up our mind to go to Times Square. But in the end, we couldn't go to Times Square because of some reason that I could not comprehend. I asked the teacher and he said one of the teachers was not feeling well so we didn't go to Times Square. Totally spoiled my mood. :(

Ok, from the beginning~

On Tuesday morning, woke up with a fresh feeling. Feeling reallllllllyyyyy excited to go on a trip with the so-called 'craziest class in SMKMA'. Well, we actually have a class blog ^^. After eating my breakfast, I head to school. As soon as I arrived at my class, I saw humongous piles of trash at my class. O.o. Seems that Hari Koku has its after effects "=.=. That was actually my first time arriving at school so early. After that, a few of us wondered where the other classmates went so we headed to the hall where we congregated and met the teachers.

If we were to follow our schedule, we should sit on the bus and start rollin' at 7.30am. But believe it or not, our buss came at 8am, wth. We waited and waited anxiously for the bus. Stupid bus driver, get a life! We pay you and you came late. "=.= lousy service. And while I asked where is our Sivik teacher (Head of the trip), the other teacher said he go yam cha (have breakfast) at nearby shop outside our school. What the...We were waiting for our bus and he actually has time to yam cha. "=.=

After our !@@$%%!@ bus came, we took our own places and hope that we arrive at KL smoothly, luckily the day before the trip, my friend, Vin had burned Michael Jackson's songs into a CD and fortunately, the bus was able to play it ^^. Illegal o_o. So we sang 4SN1's favourite song 'You Are Not Alone'. It was fun. And of course, brought my camera and took pictures everywhere. * ka cak ka cak*

The funniest thing that happened while our journey to KL was that our friend, Ken sang a solo-You Are Not Alone. I hope XXX listens to his heart~! XD and of course, I recorded it to as a memory ^^. But it was a big file so I won't upload it here. Sorry to disappoint you all. Soon later, we arrived at the parliament. We entered the parliament and saw lots and lots of politicians. It was really intriguing. I saw Ong Ka Ting (Huang Jia Ding), Lim Kit Xiang, Wei Jia Xiang and many more (sorry if I spelled their names wrong, I only know their Chinese names XD). My friend and I were awed by how they debate. When they agreed something, they hit the table. Yup, they hit. As in *pak pak pak* the table. Fascinating O_O. But when they quarrel, this is where the fun part starts. It's really funny, at one point I hear one of them say "you pondan botak". "=.= Loool, I thought it was my imagination, seems like it's not. My friends heard it too. After one hour, we head to Petrosains.

After arriving at Petrosains, we squealed! YAY! Finally, fun time arrives!. Here are some shots that I took before entering Petrosains.

A group picture before entering Petrosains.

And soon after, we entered Petrosains. We went in groups as planned beforehand. But slowly, we seperated "=.=. Well, it's natural I guess. XD! Here's some miscellaneous picture while we were in Petrosains....

This picture was taken at a place for child's play. It's like a mini playground for kids. Surprisingly, it was fun.."=.= LOOOLS. Puppets, bouncy balls, music instruments and many more! ^.^ While in Petrosains, you get to try on the helicopter simulator. I sat it before while I was in primary school. I feel that it's no longer fun than before. Must be something wrong in me "=.=. But overall, it was funny because I sat with friends ^^ (aiyo, Ken, next time pilot the helicopter better lah!)

After a few interesting places, we went to this bluish place. I dunno how to explain it so just have a look at the picture.

Told ya it's bluish. Everything white in there illuminates. My teeth even shines XD.
Another interesting game was the MindBall. It's a game that tests your brain activity. If you relax more, then you win. If you're brain activity is high, then you lose. While Vin and Ken were playing, I recorded. But before Ken wins, my battery ran out. Bummer >_<. If you wanna see the video, visit 4SN1's blog.

After playing and exploring more stuff in Petrosains, it's time to go. We were sad and angry that our plan to go to Times Square was ignored. *sigh*. Even after me and Bok talked and persuaded the teacher, he still said 'no'. >_< oh well...Soon we headed home. During our journey, a friend of mine sang 'You Are Not Alone' in Cantonese, Malay and Chinese version. "=.= He totally translated it. For the Malay version,

You are not alone, ( Kamu bukan keseorangan)
for I'm here with you, (kerana saya di sini)
though you're far away (walaupun kamu sangat jauh)
but i'm here to stay ( tapi saya di sini untuk tinggal)

Simply hilarious XD!!! ahahahhahahhahahahahaha. I recorded his singing and again, the file size was 310MB, so no way i can upload it here. >_< At About 10.30pm, we arrived at our school. I called my mom to fetch me back home and I took a looong shower "=.= I stink.

Well, all's well ends well. It was a great trip. Oh yeah, while we stop at Seremban's R&R, we saw a yellow sports car. It was really a beautiful car O.o. And one of the teacher that followed us to KL was somehow perverted in a way or another. He looked at me from bottom then to top. It's like his eyes shifted from bottom to top. Euuu...omg..I'm dam scared man, feelin' like punching him.."=.=..We call him yam lou..loolx

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  1. i went to Petrosains when i was in form 4 as well. but we had time to go 1u though. anyways, good thing Times Square plan was canceled. that building can collapse anytime and it's infested with lala muis. XD