Friday, July 10, 2009

Malay for Science and Mathematics?

Malay for Science and Mathematics?

No! In my opinion, I think that English is better for Science and Mathematics. If you think about it, the current Form 1 will have to study Science subjects and Mathematics in Bahasa Melayu when they enter Form 4. If they choose to proceed to Form 6, they need to study in Bahasa Melayu. Now this doesn't make sense. In my point of view, English should be prioritized. If they learn Science subjects and Mathematics in English, applying for universities in overseas should be easier. And this will help us cope in our studies. If we study using Bahasa Melayu from the start, we may not understand and adapt to the circumstances while studying in overseas. We have to study using English! I heard from my tuition teacher that marks SPM papers he said he did encounter students using Malay to answer the questions. It seems the teacher teaches them Science/Mathematics using Malay. He too told me it was from Kelantan. Now this I couldn't understand. Why let the younger generations suffer? If they use Malay, further studies in universities would be a pain in the ass, they can't understand the terms. It will look so foreign to them. For them to adapt, they need to at least know all the Science/Math terms. Also, a sudden change of language is too a burden for them.

In my opinion, the world is being globalized now. America's economy is soaring. English is widely used not only in Western countries but Asia too! Japan uses English too for Scientific purposes. Even some Koreans can speak English fluently too. So why Bahasa Melayu?!

As for primary school, learning Science and Mathematics in mother tongue is fine for me. I too learned that way. It was acceptable. If we, in secondary school learn Science/Math using BM, we will be left out from other countries. We need to learn in English!!!!

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