Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Again, I stopped posting for a loong time. Sorry again >_<.Well, today nothing really happened actually. Haha, but a few days ago I got Devil May Cry 3 and Left 4 Dead installed in my computer. Gosh, now my computer's C-Drive left 5GB "=.=.

Left 4 Dead. Found this silly picture while surfing the net. XD! Haha, it was a fun game. Killing zombies around. Just the other night, I played it online with 2 friends of mine. Well, I don't really know the other guy. "=.=. Anyway, I am sooo not good with these games. I was last in everything "=.=. Headshots, Hunter kills, Smoker kills, simply put it-everything. Well, at least I didn't die much >_<.

Today an incident at school made me mad. Our English teacher pronounced 'toss' as 'toast'. Furthermore, she pronounced 'bounds' as 'bonds'. <-----epic fail. Sigh, nowadays Malaysia's English standard has dropped drastically. Hope something will be done. If they still ignore our wish to keep using English for Science and Maths, might as well produce better quality teachers. "=.= I hope my aural test will go smoothly. I'm scared that she'll criticise my pronunciation because she herself will think that I pronounce it wrong. "=.= Anyway, I'll be having my aural test in a group. But, she'll grade us individually. Hope I get good remarks. ^.^

Exams! Exams! Exams! Sigh, Why the exams? Sadly, my piano exams collide with my school exams. "=.= Makes it even worse. But I think that I might not pass. Seriously. *crosses fingers*

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