Thursday, August 13, 2009

GACC 2009 Is Coming Y'all!

GACC IS FINALLY COMING IN 2DAYS! KYAAA~! I can't wait for it *doki doki doki*

But, I have to go to school on Saturday, 'coz its for replacing Hari Raya's holiday. Darn it. If not, I can get there earlier and reserve seats for me, my sis and my bro. lols! And the schedule for GACC is finally out today! I browse through the timetable, it seems that there's no time for seiyuu appearance..T_T...sob anyway who cares! It's GACC! I bet that even the seiyuu that they invited wouldn't even risk coming to Melaka. Now, Melaka is in a serious state. H1N1 victims in Melaka is undeniably high. I think that's why even the seiyuu wouldn't even come. Well, this is just my opinion though.....I'm glad they decided to expand their venue. The place for gaming competition has been moved to other places. Well, at least that will give us more space in the main hall..haha!

Hope everyone goes there! Meet ya guys there!

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