Saturday, August 15, 2009

GACC '09 Day 1

It's the 1st day of GACC and I have school T_T. Well, I didn't really pay much attention in class anyway. I'd just stare at other stuff or, *sleep* Muahaha. And after the bell rang at 12p.m. I rushed back home ready for GACC.

As promised, Kenny went to my house faster than I thought. He was tumpang-ing our car to MMU. After I had my chicken rice lunch, I pack up my stuff *hugs my camera*, dress up and get ready to go!

I specially wore my Kingdom Hearts necklace, hoping to meet any Kingdom Hearts/Square Enix games' characters. Unfortunately, there was none. *crack, heart broke* Anyway, this year they've expanded the venue so it wasn't that so stuffy like last time. They actually had figurine display at the library hall or something like that. I saw Toradora! WEEE! And a whole lot of Suzumiya Haruhi. Oh, I'll make a video of GACC '09 and post it here ^.^ I'm sure that tomorrow will be a blast and more cosplayers will be arriving.

The Group Cosplay competition started at 3.30pm. I stared at my handphone and saw the time. I realized that we went too early. And so, I roamed around the exam hall, look at doujinshis' Tekken 5 matches, and grab pictures of cosplayers, Kyaaa when any new cosplayers enter the hall and etc. It was a bit boring at that time :(

Nonetheless, time is on our side and 3.30pm came in a jiffy. Excited, I was. After taking a few more pictures of Naruto cosplayers, we tried to grab a seat but failed :( So, we stood and enjoy their cosplay skits. I personally think that the demo that they prepared was better than any of the contestants. Way to go GACC Committee! Banzai! Yatta desu ne!

The group that gave me a good impression was Dante's group (I can't remember the group name, sowee) They were great actually, just that their skit is tooo short. >_< And uh, the Suzumiya Haruhi's were singing around for about 3 minutes then dance for another 3 minutes which doesn't impress me (again, sowee)

Ahh......after that, nothing happens. Well, a series of random dances that are not prepared beforehand was performed and a whole lot of other stuff going on at the same time. Very *luan* Lols.

I'll stop here then....I'll be going to GACC tomorrow too. Haha!

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