Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chinese New Year Juuuuust Around The Corner

My guess is that nobody's done with their New Year shopping right? I noticed that this year, all of us tend to shop quite late, and it's about 2 weeks left to New Year and I haven't actually bought any clothes.

Talking about New Year, I have my monthly exam next week. It doesn't make sense, it's just the start of the year and the school expects us to learn finish approximately 1 or 2 chapters for every subject. That's just plain insane. Hehe, of course, I'm slacking =D . I will be studying perhaps tomorrow. GO GO PROCRASTINATE! Well, after the Febuary exam, we have March exam too! THAT JUST BLOWN MY MIND AWAY WHEN I HEARD THAT! I've began to ponder how hard a teacher's job must be in my school. I piteh ze teacherz~

Today, there's a teenager knocking every door in my housing area. Until now, I still don't know what he wants. At first, my mom didn't have the mood to listen to his talk, so my moom shoo-ed him away. But then, HE ENTERED MY CAR PORCH! oh my god. My mom and I were terrified. My mom didn't lock the gate because she was about to go out. Who'd knew a fella would come INSIDE my house?

My mom quickly flicked on the emergency alarm switch. Lol, my mom panicked. I actually scolded him. No, seriously, I did. I said to him "Oi, walaoA I'm younger than you but ur manners so lauya". Shortly after finishing my sentence, I realized I forgot to add a lot of FKs ^_^ After a short moment, he finally left. I peered outside and I saw him going into EVERY house's car porch too "=.=. Crazy fella, he is. I heard from my neighbour that he said he walked from Malim to here. That didn't quite convince me :P Oh well

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