Saturday, January 23, 2010


For some reason, these days I've been listening and finding a whole lot of VOCALOID songs.
I've been introduced to VOCALOID last year while attending GACC 2009 :) Truthfully, I was quite late to realize the craziness of these cute little singing robots. I mean, I saw Hatsune Miku a few times on some torrent net but didn't bother much of it. The first song that I heard was Kagamine Rin's Meltdown.

That song really melted my heart. It was soo superb! No human can ever reach that kind of pitch! For the mean time, I'm still finding songs that are famous and nice :) I love Hatsune Miku - Package's piano version, it's very nice~

My favourite? I had to say the twins of course. Kagamine Rin/ Ren. They're so cute. I hope I have the money to buy their figurines T_T I want a nendroid. Well, I'll just have to hop over to GACC 10 and hope for the best that they'd sell it there.

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