Thursday, January 21, 2010

Computer's Back

OH!!! Finally! After approximately a month, my darling computer is back ^_^ So happy!

Phew, at least all my files are not lost. Anyway, school's co-curriculum started this week. So tiring. As of last year, I joined Computer Club. Our lil' club this year consist of 17 members only. Six Form 6 students and the others are from Form 5. All the Form 5s are my friends. Pretty cool. This club ain't too big nor too small, jussst right. For the next meeting, we'll be assigned into groups to make a blog. B-L-O-G! I notified the teacher that some of us already have a blog. The teacher just said "Tak pe lah, buka satu lagi." Sir, no offence but, I'm managing 2 blogs already. 3 Blogs? I might just drop dead. Luckily, it's a group work. I hope the best blog will win prizes :D Can I have a new motherboard? =D

Guess what, only 2 Form 5 girls joined this club. Me, and my friend, Cytrine. We're both bloggers. So lets do our best and show them GIRL POWER! I'm not gonna lose to Vin...HMPH!

Will be uploading my trip to China at my Facebook account maybe around the weekends. I'm lazy ^_^

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