Sunday, April 24, 2011



Why are you reading my blog?!

Hi y'all! I've finally installed Hatsune Miku on Reitop. I was so excited and when I tried to make Miku sing..*glass shattering sfx* It's hard to make Miku sing in succession, *sigh* I'm still blur about the parameters and am trying to get a grip of it now. But since I don't have cubase or high-tech audio tweaking programs, I guess I'll just make do with my piano..and I guess I'll get my bro to help me out on the guitar parts too...

Well, I still have to learn how to use these...Alright, will play around it everyday and see how it goes. Wish me luck!


Shounen T's 24/4 namahousou

T-kun played Super Mario Sunshine :D! and he named the boss Soraru そらる w

and then it became out of control when someone put on the tags ShounenT VS Soraru, くそらる,そらるおやっつけて lol..and even Amatsuki-san
(天月) said that the boss of the game looked like Soraru..

I pity Soraru-san w

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