Monday, May 9, 2011

Nico Nico Futsal Tournament!

Waaaaaaaaaaai! I had so much fun today :D oh, I mean yesterday..(the time's now 1.03am which is Monday already) Anyway, Happy Mother's Day!

Today is the long awaited Nico Nico Futsal Tournament! A lot of Utaite and Odorite are participating so I was really excited..Though I expect more from the Odorite teams compared to the Utaite teams..Well, I guess you know why.

The first two teams to compete were Utasuki Joysound VS Tennis zettai makenai no ni futsal toka omaera un ga yogatta(tl: We will never lose when it comes to tennis, but for futsal, you have good luck)

And, the Team Tennis(I'll just say Team Tennis since it's name is so long lol) comprises of Amatsuki, Shounen T, Hashiyan, Suzumu, disk, Koma'n, Nibansenji, Mucchi, Kettaro and Miichan! They did very...poorly. lol If I remember correctly, they lost to Utasuki Joysound team by 6/'s bad..and when T-kun was the goalkeeper at the last minute, he made a weak kick and was laughed by the

After that, it's the Odorite's team, Team Kick Monster, which comprises of Imaoka-san, Keitan, 13, 林檎酢, Boutou, Miiri, Apricot*(Apurikotto)..well, they lost too..At least, Imaoka-san was actually wearing some clothes lol. Towards the end, Miiri got pushed and fell down and was hit by the ball too D: After the game ended, one of the opposing team members who hurt Miiri earlier made a Dogeza lol. Anyway, Boutou was awesome :D

After that were teams that I don't really know, they're namahousou's hosts so I'm not very familiar in that part :P

And then! Team Hokkori Mokkori, which is another Odorite team has very nice team members too, Butsudan Kamen,Foogeru, Shirofuku, Chibisho, Niichan, Hayato and Sarii. This team came in 2nd place yeay! 88888888888 Niichan was the MVP of the tournament, he was the goalkeeper and managed to catch the ball many times simultaneously during the final match (VS Utasuki Joysound) ChibiSho was also one of the heroes, he made a couple of goals for the team (omg, he looks cute) ButsudanKamen was a great defender as he really did save the team a couple of times (ButsudanKamen is not wearing his mask!!Ikemen <3) Team Hokkori Mokkori lost to Utasuki Joysound by 2-1..such a waste TAT, Utasuki Joysound managed a goal during the very last few seconds.

And the last Utaite team, Dasoku's team. The funny thing about this team is that Dasoku was in a hurry to find team members so he really was simply finding people to join his team. In the end, his team has an average age of 30+ lol. And Dasoku's actually moving! LOL! Because he was completely standing still during the time when he had a live performance with Clear haha.

Anyway, congrats to Utasuki Joysound team!

Yamada Hisashi's NND mascot cosplay is scaring people..and he's wearing tights lol..

T-kun is cute :D

Miichan is tall (OAO)

Kettaro and his homemade yellow and red cards lol

and the Tennis team interview is funny towards the end.

Phew, been awhile since I wrote this long O.o Anyway, goodnight folks!

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