Thursday, May 12, 2011

Being an Otaku. (Or not.)

For many years, various people have been asking me, since I'm I love anime/manga and all that, why don't I have a huge collection of it?

Reason? It's fairly simple. There aren't any stores that sell ORIGINAL manga/anime in Malacca. Many people said, "Hey, buy them at Popular's CD-RAMA or go to Speedy!" No, those are not ORIGINAL! "Then, buy manga from Teencom or Comic Paradise!" NO! Those are not ORIGINAL too!!

And I can't buy them online so yeah, I'm stuck as a half-assed Otaku.

Figurines? There are just too many fake figurines in Malacca and I'm just too scared to buy any of them. Sure there are figurines that look like shit and you'll know that they're fake immediately but I've seen nicely sculpted figurines that are fake too! I just don't dare to buy.

So, again, I'm stuck as a half-assed Otaku. (I don't really intend to collect loads of figurine though, I don't have that much moolah :P)

Come to think of it. I really don't play MMORPG these days anymore. I don't know why....Maybe it's because the absence of my sis (; o ;) We used to play together and now she's in university and doens't play'em anymore. For the moment, I'm only playing S4 League and osu!

Well, at least I now have Hatsune Miku on Reitop and I occasionally play around with it :D (Sometimes I even lost track of time playing around with vocaloid editor lol)

Well that's all..Lastly, enjoy Marasy's Fire Flower :D


  1. This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

  2. The video tells a lot even though its in japanese.

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  4. am also an Otaku as well.. in love with Naruto , onepiece, bleach n fairy tail...

  5. we are the same....althought we are otaku but we don't have figurine or manga. we can only download or read it online....