Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm Back?

Guess I'm really back to blogging here? A lot has happened though ever since I stopped writing here. So last post was May huh, sorry dear miserable blog 'o mine

I have already started my university life, well, its going well, for now. And now, my first semester at university just ended, and I'm back rotting at my hometown.

I don't even know how to start blogging haha. This awkward yet nostalgic feeling of writing here.

Recently I've met a lot of awesome friends too. In 2D and in real life. Joined one of the best Vocaloid community out there (You know who you are if you're reading this), got my first Nendroid and Nendroid puchi. Became a hardcore Vocaloid fan (I think :P), no worries, still continuing my so-called otaku-wanna-be life.

Oh I've also started writing for a vocaloid website, VocaloidFan but then its down now so yeah...OTL Admin's working on it though. I usually do song reviews there and weekly reports of the Vocaran ehehe...

Well then, some photos?

My first Nendroid, Hatsune Miku HMO Edition

My first Nendroid Puchi, Azunyan from K-ON!

I also joined my university's anime club, helped out with Animangaki (from the shadows lol). I also met some of my internet friends in real life, that was pretty awesome.

Well that's it for now, will prolly write again here since I'm on break now and VocaloidFan is still down. I hope I'll continue writing here lol, I've given up blogging 3/4 times, oh well. Much has changed since my last visit, even the dashboard interface. Well it looks cleaner now anyways which is a good thing.



  1. Welcome back, Reigan~
    Happy to see you back blogging again ahaha
    i wonder which university you attend to because there's one i know who attends this university and joined anime club -- and he/she is helping out with Animangaki as well

    So i was thinking..maybe both of you met in real life?

  2. Oh yeah!
    i thought you refuse to buy nendroids?
    Where did you get your nendroids, shipping from Japan?

  3. Hehe, since I've already mentioned Animangaki, I guess you already know which Uni I'm in haha

  4. I bought it during Animangaki, got a scolding from my parents though lol