Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas? What's that? Is it delicious?

A few more days to Christmas! 4 more days to be exact. (I'm free on Christmas /shot). I believe most of you already have dates with their friends or families. I might be celebrating with my family too I guess. Which reminds me, any of you starting to buy new clothes for CNY? Some of my friends already bought their share, I haven't bought anything though OTL

This is gonna be my first time spending Christmas in Malaysia after spending 2 years of Christmas in Shanghai lols. Now, I actually miss Shanghai. Actually more like missing the food there....

Tom Yam Gung noodles from Ajisen @ Shanghai.

@.@ wai oh wai do I have these photos lol. Oh well, I might be hanging out with my high school friends during Christmas Eve, now that's a +1. Alright, let's hear sumthin' sumthin' Christmas-y shall we?

Kurisumasu? Nani sore? Oishii no? 2011 Ver. (Christmas? What's that? Is it delicious? 2011 Ver.) Sung and written by the great Hyadain-sama.

An early Happy Christmas to everyone! What's your plan for Christmas? :D


  1. Yeah i do have family but we don't celebrate Christmas..;a;
    no dates here so...

    i haven't start buying anything for CNY /shot
    i guess the 'last minute' trend is affecting Malaysian orz..

    You even went to Shanghai for Christmas?!
    /envy ;a;..
    ..oh well orz

    hanging out with your friends sound awesome ;a;..

    OMIGEWSH NEW SONG CAME OUT by Hyadain sama!!
    and thank you!!!

  2. Shanghai was pretty awesome, I get actually celebrate Christmas during winter haha XD