Sunday, December 18, 2011

Snow Miku 2012 Train, Snow Miku 2012 Nendroid and DIVA model

This year's Snow Miku train has been revealed! Its the 2nd Snow Miku train and its at Hokkaido, it will start its operation tomorrow (19/12/2011 - 30/3/2012) *Cough my blog is becoming more of a Vocaloid news blog lols cough*

This time, they collaborated with 'Moiwayama' and used Moiwayama's mascot, Mouris-kun. Miku and Mouris-kun is the main design of the train. Total length of the train is 13m. More info after the break!

The train's wrapping design and puchi illust is drawn by Biru-san.

The front of the train, Snow Miku and Mouris-kun.

Inside of the train is also decorated by loads of Vocaloid related posters!

For more info on Snow Miku 2012, visit Crypton's site.

And also!!

Nendroid Snow Miku 2012!

Imma loving this one! Seriously! I might actually prefer this design over 2011 one lol. More pictures on Mikatan's Japanese blog.

And another piece of ground breaking news, Snow Miku 2012 will be appearing in Project Diva Arcade too! Project Diva Arcade will be up and running in Japan's arcade centers starting from 19/12/2011.

More delicious pictures at Sega's site.

Lastly, Snow Miku 2012 will also be making an appearance at Future Stars Project Mirai.(The 3DS game) The game is set to be released on 2012/3/08

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