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This a report on the VocaFarre event that was held on 16th of December 2011. 

VocaFarre was held at NicoFarre and was split into 2 parts. Part 1 started at 4pm(Japan Time), Part 2 started at 7pm(Japan Time). Part 1 is a Press Event mainly focusing on latest VOCALOID3 news whereas Part 2 is a live performance using AR(Augmented Reality) featuring VOCALOID3 models. Various guests appeared on the event too such as Kim Da Hi (SeeU's voice provider), MiKA from DaisyxDaisy, MARiA, Nomiya Ayumi, TRF's Sam and many more from various Vocaloid Companies. More info after the jump!

Part 1:
They showcased the latest VOCALOID3 Editor and many of its new features including the ability to play all 16 tracks on the Editor at the same time. Also, V3 supports V2 too. They also showed us how to use the new VOCALOID3 Editor. Click here for video.

They also announced a software, VOCALOID UG Job Plugins where users can use various plugins and also create their own and upload it. This is used to control Vocaloid Editor's parameters. Also, they said that VocaListener is still in development.

There's also a specially made business card holder which is bundled together with the V3 Editor package. Picture below!


After that they introduced Tone Rion and played a few demo songs, Tone Rion was released as of today (16th December 2011). After Tone Rion, they introduced Ring Suzune. Ring Suzune's voice provider is MiKA from DaisyxDaisy and she appeared as a guest here. The official website is Also, startling news! There is a Ring Suzune game in the making and the trial version is set to be released on 11/3. It'll be a music based game where the players have to hit the right lyrics and of course, loads of vocaloid songs will be used for this game.

Next, they showed a short video about AR using Aoki Lapis as a model, AR will be available for iPhone and iPad users. Also, they announced i-Style Project 3 contest. Its an art contest where artists draw Aoki Lapis in different dress-ups.

Furthermore, they introduced VOCALOID-P Data Series Vol. 1 and Vol.2. BuzzG and Tohi-P came as guests and they explained what is VOCALOID-P Data Series. VOCALOID-P Data Series is aimed at new Vocaloid/DTM(Desktop Music) users and it features famous vocaloid producers' works such as Owata-P's, BuzzG's Tohi-P's etc. It contains original .vsqx(Vocaloid file) of various songs and Vocaloid users may use this as a guide to help them when using V3. VOCALOID-P Data SeriesVol. 2 was released as of today.

1st Place
They introduced Vocaloid IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETS-. They also showed us a few sample songs and announced that IA is set to be released on the 27th of January.


They presented information regarding Vocaloid Yuzuki Yukari. AHS aims to produce Vocaloids with varying voice banks and Yuzuki Yukari is said to be able to sing with 'emotions'. She is more suitable for slow ballads. AHS also introduced exVOICE, a software which contains Yuzuki Yukari's various voice samples such as breathing voice, laughing, short speeches etc. exVOICE contains more than 400 of these and users are able to input them into their songs to give 'emotions' to Yuzuki Yukari. Also, Yuzuki Yukari comes with sample .vsqx data, wave files and Music Maker files to help new Vocaloid users.

SBS Artech

They introduced SeeU. Nothing new about SeeU though. They also showed some song samples and official illustrations. Kim Da Hi made an appearance here!

Internet Co.

They showed us GUMI Extend demos (Adult, Whisper, Sweet, Power). And they introduced CUL. CUL is more aimed towards rock genre thus she has a powerful voice. They also revealed that V3 Lily is in development!

In commemoration of the release of VOCALOID 3, they organized a music composition competition. Participating Vocaloids are (V3)VY1, Tone Rion, Mew, Megpoid Extend, Cul, SeeU (I hope I didn't miss out here because it was so fast @.@ lol). Entries are to be submitted to NicoNicoDouga with the appointed tag and if a video has more than 3000 views, the producer will receive a Vocaloid Live Rally gift. Videos which has less than 3000 views will also receive Vocaloid clear files, they showed us Tone Rion and SeeU's clear files.

VOCALOID3 Other Products/Services
Yamaha announced Lesson Online. Its focus is to guide new Vocaloid users and they invite famous Vocaloid Producers as guests. More info please click on the link.

Next, they announced VOCALOID STORE. This is Yamaha's official web store. Various Vocaloid related products are sold there including VOCALOID3 Editor, Tone Rion etc. They also announced VOCALOID + GARMENT (S) where vocaloid apparels/clothes are sold. They showed us a T-shirt which its design is drawn by Nagimiso(Illustrator of Ryoshin Yuukai/Meltdown) and its a limited product and only 100 of these T-shirts are produced.

Lastly, DAM (A karaoke company, like JOYSOUND) made their appearance and introduced LIVEDAM. Its some sort of a karaoke system with plenty of Vocaloid songs and users can just sing karaoke in their very own homes instead of going to karaoke centers. Here, MARiA and Nomiya Ayumi both tried the demo. Nomiya Ayumi sang Aitai by Signal-P and MARiA sang Mozaik Role by DECO*27.

[Extra Info] JOYSOUND also introduced JOYSOUND DiVE, it's also a karaoke system but using PS3 as a platform. Various Odorite (NND Dancers) and Utaite (NND Singers) was given the chance to try out the demo. Here's the Mylist

Part 2
SAM from TRF made an appearance and explained what is AR and later, there was live performances using  VOCALOID3 character models. Pictures taken by Lero Alif Lerorin(Visit his site!) Pictures are low quality, sorry!

Gumi and Akikoroid!

Aoki Lapis. She was very very tiny haha.

Close-up shot of Akikoroid

The audiences at NicoFarre were unable to view AR with their naked eyes, so they had to look at the LED screens, luckily NicoFarre is surrounded by LED screens haha.

That's all! I hope I didn't miss out anything. Since VocaloidFan is still down, I decided to post the report here. Thanks for reading!

Part of the source from here.

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