Friday, March 23, 2012


Hello! I'm still in the midst of exam week though (lol) But I suddenly felt that I had to update my blog so here it is! Today I'm going to write about CosVids done by my friend and fellow peeps from Malaysia Vocaloid Party (I'm so glad I'm part of this amazing group filled with amazing people)

The first one was done on the last day of 2011, a Aoki Lapis cosvid featuring our cute Aoki Lapis cosplayer, Panda with Calvin and his vid/camera crew and helpers (you know who you are!). Song is Little Wish written by Miumiu

And another CosVid done by these awesome people again. This time, it was shot during a photoshoot session last month?(I forgot :P)

So what are your thoughts? Share them out and like them! Also visit Calvin Pixels' Facebook Page and also his homepage

Actually, I've never joined their outing before or attend photoshoot sessions before *runs away before the others shoot me in the knee* Well, I do hope to join sometime :) Too bad whenever they organize, its always near my exam week =3=.

Alright I'll be off grabbing something to munch, will be back blogging after my exams (which ends tomorrow yaaaay!)

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